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Worst season for Japan



Japan in the international scene


The season 35 could be said that it was the worst one over the past few seasons in the international competitions.


National Team wasn’t able to qualify for Asian Cup, and clubs’ results in both FITA RoW League and FITA RoW Cup were dismal flops.




Japan National Team

After the national coach election, N-Kobayashi, the manager of FC Sagami (2260539), was elected to the National Coach for the second term and it’s the third season for him as National Coach.



In Asian Cup Qualifiers, Japan was in the same group as Saudi Arabia which was the World Cup winner and top country in the FITA ranking, Hong Kong, Bahrain and Afghanistan.


It seemed difficult to defeat Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong, but the main rival of Japan was Bahrain because the third team in the group had possibility to advance finals depending on the results of other groups.



Through the campaign, Japan played tough games, but they had good possibility in the last stages.


However, before the final round, they suffered an unexpected defeat against Afghanistan, then their mission became quite difficult.


Final round, some matches of other groups kicked off before Japan and the results were not desirable for Japan.


Japan had to win against Bahrain by three goals or more, also they need a draw of the match of Bahrain and Oman.


Therefore Japan NT play very offensively and lost the match with a score of 2-1, then they missed Asian Cup entry.



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N-Kobayashi “The biggest miscalculation was the away match with Afghanistan.


It seemed relatively easy.


If we had gotten three points from the game, we would have needed just a draw in the final match against Bahrain.


We could have played more defensively”



At the mention of each player, Ken Inamoto played five games as forward and two games as attacking midfielder due to Nobuyoshi Yamada‘s injury , but his goal was only one during the qualifiers.


Also, the performance of Masayuki Tokunaga who played as starting eleven in the away match with Afghanistan despite the terrible play in the home game and the coach N-Kobayashi who decided to use him can’t avoid criticism.



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Japanese Clubs in RoW competitions

The international results of clubs were worse than National Team.


In RoW Cup, no clubs could advance to the group stage, and as for RoW League, only 広末涼子 (53346) played in the group stage.


However, 広末涼子 ended at the third place in the group and were not able to advance to finals, also they were defeated by an Egyptian club juve_ahmed_zidan (247440) and eliminated from RoW Cup at the round of 32.



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