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Who is the Japan national coach for Season 37-38?



National Coach Elections for the Season 37-38



Now in Trophy Manager, the Season 37-38 Japan national coach election has been held.



Here is election threads in Japan forum.


代表監督選挙 Nc election Season 37-38


代表監督選挙ディスカッション Nc election discussion Season 37-38



At the present moment, FC Sagami (2260539) and ECA United (98330) who has Japanese sub club ECA United Tsubasa Feeling (2032382) running for.


Also RedSun (418839) has been nominated by Tóquio A.C (1489048), but he hasn’t declared the attitude.


Other than them, Romanian SmackDown_Rai (1083994) and Panamanian Legia Warszawa (3034763) are showing the interest.



Japan   Trophy Manager




NC Elections – Choose your National Coach!



The NC elections are back !


You can now choose the National Coach from your country page (–>New coach Election)





Some details:


Nomination phase : from 30 April (Wednesday) to 3 May 11:59 am (Saturday) (TM time)


Voting phase: from 3 May 12:00 (Saturday) to 7 May 9:00 am (Wednesday) (TM time)



– you can accept only one nomination – with your main team


– your multiple teams can vote (in the country in which they are playing in) but they cannot be nominated/elected


– You can vote for your own team


– You cannot nominate yourself



– Clubs less than half a season old cannot vote


– Clubs less than 1 season old cannot get nominated



The rules are quite simple – do not cheat, do not play tricks, do not bribe, do not spam asking for votes/nominations etc.:


GTs will be monitoring all leagues and all participants ;-).


Users who will be caught cheating /spamming etc. will be banned from the game or removed from the election process, depending on what they do.



Please do not open a number of discussions in your own forum – your local FT will be asked to open a dedicated topic in which you can post your speech/discuss with other users.


In case you don’t find the proper discussion, please ask a FT to add it in the forum.



Have fun and may the best manager win!

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