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What is Trophy Manager?

Trophy Manager is an online football manager game.

What is Trophy Manager?

Trophy manager is one of the best online football management games.

It sometimes abbreviated as TM.

TM was released in 2006, and still continues to be developed and improved by Trophy Games AppS and TM community.

TM is a Massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) using a web browser (Browser game) and you are the manager and the owner of your own football club in the game.

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My football management game experience

I am a football fan, but I prefer to play simulation game as a manager than FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) series.

My first management game was Football Manager series.

FM was a great, I still believe it’s the best manager simulation game, but it was not suitable for online play, it was more personal and private experience.

After a while, the online version was release; the name was Football Manager Live.

However, sadly, Sports Interactive closed FML soon.

Then I went to Hattrick.

I’ve learned a fun to play with other users of many countries there.

I was an active user in the forum and work as a voluntary staff; Moderator for Japan Forum and Japanese Language administrator.

Also I’ve experienced Japan National Coach and U-20 National Coach.

I had played Hattrick for long time, but I retired from the game because I quarreled with another voluntary staff.

Best online football manager game is Trophy Manager

After quitting Hattrick, I’ve tired many many online football management games.

For example, Online Football manager, Pitch Side Manager, ManagerZone, Soccer Manager, PowerPlay ManagerStriker Manager, Planetarium Manager, Ball Manager, and so on.

It was Trophy Manager that finally I chose.

TM is similar to Football Manager than Hattrick.

It’s more real, tactical and balanced than others.

So I can say “Trophy Manager is the best online football management game”.

Free online game

Trophy Manager is a free online online football management game.

There are a few paid features which are called as TM Pro, but you can play basically free.

You can win the top division even without a paid services.

Many leagues and multi-language

There are over 100 countries in the game.

You can create your club in your country and play in your league.

You have only one account and one club, but if you cost some TM Pro, you can create sub clubs in another countries.

Also you can select your language from about 50 languages.

International Competitions

There are some international competitions like Champion League and Europa League (or Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana).

If you achieve good results in the domestic league, you can play against other countries clubs.

Of course, there are competitions for national team.

National coach is selected by elections.

If you become the national coach for your country, you will have chance to organize your national team and play in the World Cup.

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Top 10 Best Online Football Management Games

Trophy Manager gets the balance right in virtually every aspect of a Football Management MMO. It offers a premium service to those who wish to pay for it, but if you want to play for free, you will get just as much enjoyment from the game than without Pro. Better yet, you can earn Pro Days simply by watching some ads! The match engine is my favourite out of all the games and is one of the most realistic. You can watch your match in real-time as it plays out, or watch the highlight. You play matches three times a week, if it was a game every day then it would be perfect. There is a great in-depth stadium editor, which allows you to build facilities around the stadium, as well as improve seating, under soil heating and floodlights to generate you more money, and less risk of sustaining injury during bad weather conditions. If your looking for a football management MMO, Trophy Manager is the way to go!

The Best Free Football Games Online

Trophy Manager makes the list on the strength of its animated match replays. That’s right, I said animated. It’s the only football manager I could find that gives you more than text during matches and the animation looks great.
Seasons take about ten weeks. Games happen three times a week, on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, with youth pulls on Monday. Training is easy to use, players train groups of skills at one time and you select which groups with a graphical interface. You can also view your players’ skills anywhere in the game by mousing over the player’s name, which anyone who plays a lot of football manager games will appreciate.
Divisions are set up in a pyramid structure with promotion and demotion as you’d expect. Setting tactics is also done via graphical interface, which is a nice idea but too glitchy at the moment. Hopefully, it improves as the game develops. VIP gives you too many options to list here.
Overall, trophy manager could be the best sim out there, if the match engine catches up with the great graphics.

7 Days with Trophy Manager

I find the results of the hard work put in throughout the week hugely rewarding. The game can also be played casually, if you just want to buy some players and throw them into a formation and see how they go. If this is all you need, then perhaps you don’t need to spend any money on Trophy Manager to get enjoyment out of it. If an in-depth, full-fat footy manager game is something you have been longing for, you could do far worse than spending €5.50 a month towards this brilliant browser game.

Why Trophy Manager is the best football management game ever?


  1. The community in the game is very friendly and may seem like family to Filipinos
  2. The game is technical but learning the game does not take too long and not too punishing to newbies.
  3. The game is not that time consuming once you get the hang of how things work.
  4. Getting rich via trading.
  5. It’s football baby!


  1. The pace can be a bit slow for players looking for action.
  2. The graphics can look pretty bad for most players used to high end video games.
  3. The game has a pretty steep learning curve. I’m still learning new things about the game and I’ve been playing it for 7 years already!

There it is my reasons why Trophy Manager is one of the best, if not the best online football manger game out there. So if you don’t have the time or technical know how to be a real life football manager like Jose Mourinho or Luis Van Gaal then this game is for you.

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