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VF Tomato put an end to 広末涼子’s unbeaten record


VF Tomato

The Tomato win upset victory over R.H.F

Historical Giant-Killing

In the round 23, there was a biggest upset in the past few seasons.

VF Tomato (2925434) who have just promoted to J1 in this season entertained the champion 広末涼子 (53346), and the game ended in a victory for the home side with a score 1-0, which was quite contrary to predictions.

Match   VF Tomato vs. 広末涼子   TrophyManager.com

VF Tomato



 F F 

Surely some factors may have given The Tomato advantages.

Three regulars of R.H.F absented this match.
Riad Zelenika, a Bosnia-Herzegovina international midfielder, was injured and Dekel Cohen, an Israel international centre-back, was suspended.
Also a Japan international full-back Kanzaburo Okada didn’t play for the next away game against Granado KingZ (167919), an Australian club, in the RoW League (they lost with 1-0, and were eliminated on the away goals rule).

However the chances were even, not only luck or visitor’s negligence gave Tomato the victory.

You can see the match analysis in the blog of VF Tomato (Japanese language).

Rising VF Tomato

VF Tomato (2925434) is a club that experience J1 for the first time this season, comparing with 広末涼子 that is a world class big club, it’s David and Goliath, actually they had played extremely defensively and suffered a staggering defeat with 11-0 in 広末涼子’s home in the first half of the season, so no one expected Tomato’s victory.

Match   広末涼子 vs. VF Tomato   TrophyManager.com

But they are active in the transfer market and are growing rapidly, and their results in J1 are reasonable despite their first challenge.

They proved their strength against 広末涼子, so they would challenge international competitions in the near future.

Historical unbeaten record

On the other hand, for 広末涼子, this match is the first league defeat since the Season 33.
The last defeat in the league was the round 31 in the Season 33, it was an away game against 逗子Blues (296683).
Since they had lost the match with 2-1, they kept unbeaten until this match and set 127 matches unbeaten record over five seasons.

This record would not be broken the next few decades.

広末涼子   History   TrophyManager.com   Trophy Manager

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