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Trophy Manager

Interview with a MT – Part 1

The GT team has along with the community (via the generel forum) collected then 10 most sought-for questions which I will answer over the next many days.
Here we go…

FMU is more important than TM?

Some users feel that MTs are not that often around on TM anymore and stopped working on this game, e.g. the NT election process took a long time, you rarely add new features and the bug forum as well as actually bug fixing have not received much attention lately.

So how many people are still working on TM (and also Ultra) full-time or maybe as freelancers?
What are their tasks on TM and what are they working on at the moment?

How are your resources divided between TM and Ultra?

FMU is needed that TM keeps “free to win” game

We are still around, but it is a fact that our business is operation differently than a year ago.
At that time, when Soren stopped and I took over, we were under pressure from our board to make revenue to pay them back their investment and our company debt to them.

We (the owners) have never earned a cent personally on TM as all revenue since 2006 has been thrown back into development of the game – and that didn’t fit with them investing a lot of money in us.

So we stood at at point were we had two paths to take.
1) Lower our time spend on working for the company to half and not have TM as our main job anymore or 2) find more revenue otherwise.

Obviously path number one was not something we wanted.
We love working on this and want to grow and make it better – always.
This is our passion.

We brainstormed and came up with two things that could change the picture.
FP changes for Pro and FM Ultra on Facebook.

It worked.
Not popular, but the FP change feature increased TM revenue by 10%.
FM Ultra was an even better decision.
It increased revenue by 40% within 6 months since it was launched.

So we stood in a new situation at the following board meeting.
What to do now.
The decision was pretty clear.
Value per user in FM Ultra was significantly higher than in TM. We faced the problem with TM all 2012/13 that we got outbid on all our advertisement campaigns as we could not pay what other games could as TM was simple a to “free-to-play” game.
So TM actually was at a place where we could not grow our userbase anymore this way.
It was not scalable. That was not the case with FM Ultra.

This game was the quite opposite and that gave us a business opportunity:
Invest heavy in FMU and work with main focus on this game and use all things developed for it to transfer onto TM if they were successful and a good fit to TM.
So this ways we could both get TM better and have a scalable business.

So you might think that we are working less on TM and not as much present, but the fact is that we have never had more people hired, but the work flow had to be changed as a business decision forced through by the board.
We had to prioritize FMU and then migrate the good stuff to TM.

So outside it looks like less is going on, but inside it is the opposite.

Current Trophy Games staff:

  • Daniel (me): TM & FMU – Strategy/business/other
  • Thomas: TM & FMU – development/bug fixing
  • Armann: TM & FMU – development
  • Theis: TM & FMU – Support (part time)
  • Niklas: TM & FMU – development (part time)
  • Francesco: TM & FMU – Teamster Manager (ad hoc)
  • Woody: TM & FMU – ME developer (ad hoc)
  • Erik: FMU – Mobile + Live match orders
  • Anne-Katrine: FMU – Mobile (part time)
  • Anders: FMU – Mobile (part time)
  • India Team (4 developers): FMU until August – development
  • Finance of TM

    Is TM financially in good shape or will the game die?
    Is TM or Ultra more profitable?
    Will you need more pay-to-win features in TM to keep the game long-term alive?

    Trophy Games is in very fine shape now and both of our games will run years and years and not die.
    That is a promise.

    TM is still the most profitable game, but FM Ultra will within a year take over this spot.

    But that is all good because you can thank FM Ultra for that we did not have to add more pay-to-win features in TM to keep the business going at full throttle with many employees still working on it. 🙂 

    Next up… (Monday)

    How many users are playing TM?
    Can you give some insights how registered and active user numbers have developed since TM 2.0 was released?
    Are you planning to advertise and bring a new inflow of players to TM?



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