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Top 10 transfers of the first half of Season 36


Trophy Manager

These are the top 10 transfers of the first half of the Season 36.



10. Davide Natali

Transfer Value: 196.4 million

Bin Play Rân (2011228) Vietnam → RedSun (418839)



New blood for the aging RedSun’s midfield as 35 years old Shingo Suzuki33 years old Settan Yoshihara and years old Masaharu Miura.


Natali takes a regular position as Miura‘s partner and his performance is well enough.


Davide Natali   Trophy Manager



9. Józef Bułkowski

Transfer Value: 214.5 million

FC MURES (1081739) Romania → Okayama (1776673)



Okayama who have relegated to the J2, reinforced the squad in order to come back to the J1.


They are leaving other teams behind in the league and the signing strengthened their offense.


Only one concern is his lack of practical experience.


Everything depends on whether his abilities make up for the low routine or not.


Jozef Bu-kowski   Trophy Manager



8. Tommy Barclay

Transfer Value: 220.0 million

fc fepa (1624618) Greece → ashina (1489015)



It’s difficult to say that Barclay who have just joined fits the team.


3 appearances and the average rating is 4.37.


However, there is no doubt in his ability.


This would be not bad purchase considering his age and routine.


Tommy Barclay   Trophy Manager



7. Toru Ohi

Transfer Value: 250.0 million

inazuma eleven 11 (1670648) → 広末涼子 (53346)



Japan international side player.


FC Sagami (2260539) had been also tracking him, but 広末涼子 acquired.


Though he doesn’t get trust to play as starting eleven yet, he plays constantly and considering the age, he would have a good future.


Toru Ohi   Trophy Manager



6. Mendel Stueck

Transfer Value: 256.3 million

southern hawks (380889) New Zealand → Sendai Queen (2411678)



Sendai Queen of the J. League Division 3 acquired the top class keeper.


He played 15 games and only 3 goals conceded, it’s difficult to score for forwards of the third division.


Mendel Stueck   Trophy Manager



5. Eishi ‘駒野 Komano’ Yasuda

Transfer Value: 282.4 million

SC Combat India (1958491) India → FC Sagami (2260539)



Japan international side-back.


FC Sagami who failed to acquire Ohi bought him for the club record transfer fee.


About this transfer, there were the pros and cons among supporters.


Though his own play is in no way to blame, the performance has not satisfied the fans yet.


Eishi  駒野 Komano  Yasuda   Trophy Manager



4. Alessandro Pausello

Transfer Value: 329.1 million

Saint Louis (103679) Italy → Namba Osaka (489911)



He is 25 years old but already Rec 5, so this price would be fair.


But either as a forward or as a winger, his main skills might not be enough to play in the top level.


It is unknown whether he can do well.


Alessandro Pausello   Trophy Manager



3. Isa Ansori Basri

Transfer Value: 353.5 million

MasterLiverpoolFC (63806) Hong Kong → RedSun (418839)



He plays as one of the pair of forwards together with Ryuzaburo Ueno.


He is inferior in Heading, so Ueno has better scoring abilities, but Basri has advantage in assists.


Isa Ansori Basri   Trophy Manager



2. Brecht De Brul

Transfer Value: 500.0 million

ANNWYN (893309) Wales → 広末涼子 (53346)



Kazuo Maki who has contributed to the club and Japan national team for a long time began to show a decline at last, then 広末涼子 acquired the Belgium international keeper.


Brecht De Brul   Trophy Manager



1. Ilirian Libohova

Transfer Value: 581.6 million

TIRANA F.C (242569) Albania → 広末涼子 (53346)



He was acquired by 広末涼子 for the replacement of a Kuwait international player who retired.


The average rating is 7.17, he was a most impressive player in the first half of the season.


Ilirian Libohova   Trophy Manager




Transfers out

While many clubs of J1 spent much money to get new players in this season, there was no sale which exceeds 200 million except the deal of Toru Ohi which was a transfer between domestic.


The biggest sale to the overseas club was the deal of Albert Gáfrik.


Urawa Reds (2302494) of  the J. League Division 2 sold him to a Georgian club, FC-IRAKLI (3030130), for 174.8 million.


Albert Gafrik   Trophy Manager

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