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TM owner has a new interview


Questions for a MT: Are you OK for a new interview?

On the international forum, an user asked some questions to a Master Teamster, and Daniel, DaLuun’s T-Hunters (24276) answered.


“Hello dear MT, I hope you will be OK for an interview, just like you were the last year.”

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NT Sale

– You’ve just reduced the NT sales price for 150 M.
Can you explain to the community why you decided this reduction?

As the prices are not as high as they were.
We felt it was time to reduce the prices to match current market prices better.

– Is this new price is only for this season 42 or it will be always the same the next seasons?

Will be 150M from now on.

Name Database

– Many managers are very happy with the name database update.
Can you tell us when this feature will be updated?

Most likely I have the final nations’ files by Monday (September 7) and after that it should be done within some days.
I’ll make an announcement once they are “live”.


– During the S41, you decided a 10% wage cut.
Several managers complained, at the S42’s beginning, after the SU (Season Update), because they thought this good decision was “reseted” during the SU.
Their opinion is that the salaries are the same that before this feature, as the 10% wage cut was deleted with the SU.
What could you tell them?

The wage cut was done last SU not this SU.

Sign up Bug

– Several month ago, you explained us you were working on the sign up bug.
Will it be fixed soon?
Don’t you think it must be THE priority?

It’s actually not a bug.
It’s an IP block to prevent cheating.
It might hit the wrong users sometimes, but they can easily override it by signing up from a different IP.
It only hits teams who already have a TM team.
Signups in general should be fine.
We get 250 new signups a day.


New Sponsor System

– You informed several times the community that you will add a new sponsor system.
It seems you’re late with that, according your initial planning.
So, how is your opinion with that today?
Is this idea is always in your plans or not?

It’s still in our plans, but we want to add TM to Facebook first.

Transfer Market

– Most of that we can see many managers in difficulty with the economy.
Most of them are talking about a big problem with it.
According to them there is not enough money in the game.
That’s why we wonder if you plan to change something (in addition to the sponsor system which will change if I understood well)?

Add TM to Facebook (to get more users), add new sponsor system (gives out more cash), and perhaps cut wages a bit more at some point if needed.

– Are you agree with those who are thinking there is nothing to do to improve the transfer market and so the economic system because it’s only a supply and demand problem?

Well yes, however more users will also make it more active.
I think the issue is that a lot of users feel the market isn’t active as we do not get many new users who can buy their lower REC players.

– If you will change something with the sponsors, will it be possible to preview 2 parts:
-> targets during the 2 first weeks (with possibility to choose, for example, the promotion play off or the relegation play off).
-> Rewards (or not) at the end of the season.

It will be like in FMU.
Based on your login activity and renewal of deals rather than sponsor goals.
The goals are what makes the current system unhealthy as it gives incentives to not always promote.

League Structure

– 3 years ago you changed the league structure.
It was a good attempt.
But some of us think this decision is not good for the transfer market regarding the present situation.
Most of that many new users are unhappy because, for example, the Division 4 is very heterogeneous, too heterogeneous.
What is your opinion?
If you’re agree with that, will it be possible to change again the structure (a return to 1,3,9.. or may be 1,2,4,8…)?

No it will stay as it is.
However more new users via Facebook would easily help on added more depth in countries.

About Past Plans


– Nearly 5 month ago you informed us you were looking into the opportunity to add TM to Facebook.
So what about that?

Up next.

Fatigue, Form, Morale

The 27/05/14 you said:
“Fatigue, form, morale are probably first in line of those mentioned. But still a bit out in the future (guess 2015) – if we decided to add it.”
15 month later, what is your decision?

They are not gonna be added.

Penalty for Inactive

– The same day we read:
“Also we are considering adding a disadvantage to inactive teams like a “manager not present penalty” if a user has not been active for a while and meaning the team will perform worse.”
This part could be very exciting, what about it?

Still in our plans.
Actually I’ll just make sure we debate it on our next meeting in the office.

Building Cost

The 28/05/14 you said:
“We are also considering adjusting the price for building stadium seats, so the first seats are cheaper to buy and the last or more expensive.”
But 15 month later, there is nothing new with that.
Has your opinion changed?

No, but it’s very far down on our priority list right now.

“Catch-up” Function

The 30/05/14 you said:
“We have thought about a “catch-up” function if you do not pull anything but crap for ages, but for now this is only an idea.”
Is it always an idea or will you add this soon?

Still on list but also very far down.


Casteddu (23479) is in charge of hiring teamsters.
Unfortunately he plays very rarely to TM today.
He is not often (it’s the only we can say) connected.
The result is that the teamsters are “freezed”.
Thus who want give up can’t and those who want help also can’t.
There is never an answer, a Private Message.

So could it be possible to hire another manager for this job?

I will talk to Francesco, Casteddu (23479), about this.

Mini Game

– You introduced recently a new mini game and more free offer.
Are your satisfied with this new revenue?

It’s okay, but not much.
It’s more for adding some side-fun than making big money for us really.

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