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Summary of J League 1 in Season 35


Trophy Manager

Review of J. League Division 1 in the Season 35


Japan   J. League Division 1   Trophy Manager



広末涼子 (53346) retained the title without defeats again.


This is eight seasons in succession and eighteenth championship for them.


The difference from the runner-up which was 9 points in the last season extends to 24 points and any other clubs couldn’t be a rival.


The 24 points is the biggest difference in the J1 history.



On the other hand, from second to seventh place was close race.


RedSun (418839) finished at the second place, it’s also four seasons in a row.


The third place is Namba Osaka (489911) who ended at ninth last season.


Their players routine is low, so changing of the Match Engine might bring some advantage for them.



Auto-relegation zone clubs are Imbaba Club (1258527), fcizu (1959827), Tóquio A.C (1489048) and 王子 FC (551852).


It’s really sad that 王子 FC (551852) became inactive.



涼子の院 (764222), Furansu jin U.D (2074948), Okayama (1776673) and Shakhtar Ichikikushikino (2063803) face play off.




Goalscorer Ranking

Top Goalscorer

Gulzar Mannaa – 56 Goals


Gulzar Mannaa   Trophy Manager


Assisst Ranking

Most Assists Player

Ashihei Nishijima – 25 Assists


Ashihei Nishijima   Trophy Manager


Rating Ranking

Best Player

Gulzar Mannaa – Average Rating 7.55

Gulzar Mannaa   Trophy Manager

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