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Strengthening Japanese Players Development Project



Free Pro campaign to strengthen Japanese players development

Japan doesn’t have enough good players.

As a Japan’s league and NT reinforcement measure, we promote to investment in Youth Academy and Training Ground.

We decided to donate free Pro to Japan clubs that train players actively.

The pro days will be payed from River Cats (3104048)’s Pro.

Promotion campaign of Youth Academy and Training Ground

Please invest in your Youth Academy and Training Ground.

If your Japanese club’s Youth Academy reaches level 8, please report in “無料 Pro 提供 You can get free Pro by River Cats” thread.

I FC Sagami (2260539) will pay 20 pro and you’ll get 17 Pro.

Also when Training Ground turns level 8, 20 (17) Pro is donated as well.

The aim of this project is to raise Japan league and NT level, therefore at this moment (2015-07-12), if you already have level 8 or higher, you can’t receive it.

The purpose

To increase better Japanese players.

This is the article about online football manager game “Trophy Manager”.

About “TM” which is the best online football manager game

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