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Season 41 Japan National Team Starts



Tomato Japan

Japan National Team of the Season 41 has started.

VF Tomato was elected for the Japan National Coach

In this National Coach election, VF Tomato (2925434) and ECA United (98330) contested, then VF Tomato won and took over the job from FC Sagami (2260539) who had served 3 terms 6 seasons.

National Teams   Election   Trophy Manager

In the Japan National Team thread, the new National Coach noted that he use “日本代表会議 Japan NT Conference” as before.

World Cup Qualifier Draw

In the qualifying round, Japan is in Group 4 with Vietnam, Hong Kong, UAE and Nepal.

  • Vietnam FITA Ranking 16th (3,715 points)
  • Hong Kong FITA Ranking 33rd (2,931 points)
  • UAE FITA Ranking 64th (1,761 points)
  • Nepal FITA Ranking 90th (826 points)
  • Japan FITA Ranking 104th (610 points)

Asia and Oceania - National teams - Trophy Manager

Teams that will qualify are top country of each group, and the best second placed county of six teams, it means that it’s difficult mission for Japan.
Especially Vietnam is the virtual Asian strongest team, though they are 5th Asian and Oceanian country in FITA Ranking (China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and New zealand are above them).

FITA   Rankings   National teams   Trophy Manager

The first match will be an away game with UAE on May 26.

Friendly matches for Japan National Team

Before Qualifier, there are some friendlies.

The match against Panama was played on May 2, and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Japan   Trophy Manager

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