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Season 39 Japan National Team


Japan National Team in Season 39

The Season 39 has begun.

Let’s look the Japan national team of this season.

FITA Ranking

In the FITA ranking, Japan dropped to 80th (967 points).

FITA ranking considers only results of official matches and Japan didn’t play, so couldn’t earn any points.

The top of the ranking is Egypt, the second is Brazil, then the third is Saudi Arabia.

The best European country is Poland.

The rank is 6th.

They won the Season 38 World Cup.

NT election

It is during NT elections period now.

The elections choose national coach for each country at every two seasons.

The voting deadline is October 15 12:00 am (Wednesday)(TM time).

The candidates of Japan national coach are ECA United (98330) and FC Sagami (2260539).

Asian Cup Qualifiers

The Japan national team will play qualifiers for the Asian Cup of the next season.

Japan is in the Group 3 and will play against Kuwait, Taiwan, Iraq and Jordan.

  • Kuwait: 22nd – 2,878 points
  • Taiwan: 51st – 1,813 points
  • Japan: 80th – 967 points
  • Iraq: 90th – 786 points
  • Jordan: 105th – 551 points

The first qualifier match will play on November 23 and it will be the away game with Kuwait.


National Stadium

This season, national stadium has changed.

National stadium is decided by the capacity and facilities.

The Japan national team had played at 広末涼子 (53346)’s stadium so far, but it changed to 三千万人競技場 of 日本U21 (2103708).

日本U21   スタジアム   TrophyManager.com   Trophy Manager

Not only international matches but also the final of the Cup of Japan played at the national stadium.

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