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Season 37 J League 1 Promotion and Relegation


Trophy Manager

Promotion and Relegation of the J. League Division 1 in the Season 37



The bottom four clubs of the Season 36, Shinjuku Akiras (2032381), The Gunners (2032396), FC Shippuden (2103699) and MacabiBrazil (26800) were auto-relegated and FC Barcol (2323444) who had ended at the thirteenth place were demoted to the J2 as the result of the play off.


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Instead of them, Tóquio A.C (1489048), Okayama (1776673), KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS (1987252), Scarlet Rabbits (2323402), VF Tomato (2925434) got promoted to the J1.


For Scarlet Rabbits (2323402) and VF Tomato (2925434), this is their first challenge in the J1.


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Tóquio A.C (1489048)

Toquio A.C   Trophy Manager


They had experienced the J1 in the Season 23 but had demoted next season, after that they played in the J2 for many seasons.


At their second challenge, they survived the J1 for five seasons since the Season 29.


In recent seasons, the club repeats promotion and relegation.



Okayama (1776673)

Okayama   Trophy Manager


They came back to the J1 in one season.


In the J2, they struggled to win the the Group 2 against VF Tomato (2925434) and FC Blitz (2740824), but finished at the third place.


However, they were promoted as the result of the win of the play off.


Last season, two clubs, FC Sagami (2260539) and Tekkaman FC (2103693) were promoted from the Group 2 as well, and the both clubs are staying in the J1, it might show that this group is relatively high level.




KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS   Trophy Manager


They had been in the J1 for three seasons from the Season 32 to 34.


But, after relegation, in the season 35, they had difficulty in rebuilding the team and finished at eleventh place in the J2, they faced to the possibility to drop to the J3.


However, they acquired a keeper and won the J. League Division 2 Group 4 in the last season.



Scarlet Rabbits (2323402)

Scarlet Rabbits   Trophy Manager


They played in the J2 over seven seasons.


Despite they finished at good position every season, they kept to miss promotion by one step.


This time, finally they achieved promotion to the J1.


The Scarlet Rabbits have never demoted since they founded, but can they keep the record in the J1 as well?



VF Tomato (2925434)

VF Tomato   Trophy Manager


The Tomato that have achieved rapid growth in the past few seasons.


Recently, they are one of the clubs that reached to the J1 most quickly.


They are earning income from active trading players and have strengthened the squad.


They might be able to aim for the higher position by spending the money.

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