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Season 33 World Cup Qualifiers start



The start of the Season 33 World Cup qualifying campaign has come at last.




Before the campaign, Japan didn’t well in their friendlies.


3 wins, 1 draw, 6 loses.


Estonia 6 – 0 Japan

Ghana 0 – 0 Japan

Japan 1 – 0 Azerbaijan

Japan 2 – 0 Botswana

Northern Ireland 2 – 0 Japan

Japan 3 – 1 Guatemala

India 1 – 0 Japan

Romania 1 – 0 Japan

Japan 0 – 4 Israel

Japan 1 – 3 Norway



Japan National Coach N-Kobayashi who is the manager of FC Sagami (2260539) tried different tactics in almost all matches.



They suffered a complete defeat their first match against Estonia by playing with young players and strange formation.


Match - Estonia vs. Japan - TrophyManager.com



N-Kobayashi explained the reason as follow.



As I already mentioned, this is a friendly match and My aim is to give routine to young players.


This is surely a bad result, but I feel that it’s acceptable.


I am going to select all players before next match with Ghana.

So I will play more reasonable tactics in coming games.







But this was caused by his misunderstanding of a NT rule.



He didn’t know that friendlies in NT do not give routine like in clubs.







After the game, their plans worked well in most.



Japan tested various tactics and acquired many tactical options.



But they felt slightly uneasy about qualifiers.



Though many games were even, Japan lacked goals, and they couldn’t find any solutions of right side back which is their longtime weak point.




However, contrary to expectations they got off to a good start the campaign.



They defeated Nepal 2 – 1 at home in their first match, then won against Oceania 0 – 4 at away.

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