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Season 31, last 32 was decided



Cup matches were held on February 4, and the last 32 of Cup of Japan was decided.



There are no clubs of the fourth division Japanese Regional League, while half of the 18 clubs in J. League Division 1 also failed to reach the round.

They were eliminated by lower division clubs except The Japanese Tornadoes (2032383) who was defeated by MacabiBrazil (26800).



Unya Reds (2502811) is worthy of notice.

Unya Reds - TrophyManager.com



The club which belongs in the third division Japan Football League defeated not only 逗子Blues (296683) in the main round 1, but also won against Mada Mada Dane (1489043) in the round 3.

They already vanquished two J1 clubs.

There’s no doubt about their real ability, but they may have no ruck.

On 7, will face with J1 club again.

The opponent is Okayama (1776673).

Will be their adventure ended?



In the day, two games will be played between J1 clubs.

coco-50 (1476289) versus 日本語 わ わかりません (2063809) and Namba Osaka (489911) against urawa reds (184788).

Te later game is a match will be played between 4th team and 2nd team.

It would be a good game.



Only B.Reds (1000288) is a B-team.

they and the top team urawa reds (184788) will challenge to advance to the last 16 together.

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