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Season 31, Cup of Japan quarter finals


Trophy Manager

4 games of the quarter finals of Cup of Japan were played on February 14.



urawa reds (184788) 4-0 coco-50 (1476289)

Match - urawa reds vs. coco-50 - TrophyManager.com


Both teams are 2nd and 3rd teams in the league, but this was the home team red diamonds’ one side game.

coco lacked of the motivation since their dismiss had decided.



Tóquio A.C (1489048) 2-0 Imbaba Club (1258527)

Match - Toquio A.C vs. Imbaba Club - TrophyManager.com


Tóquio A.C who are already in the safe position from relegation, are advancing well in the cup as well.



Gunma F.C. Ivory Towers (2465614) 1-2 Hachioji 1969 (551851)

Match - Gunma F.C. Ivory Towers vs. Hachioji 1969 - TrophyManager.com


Gunma F.C. Ivory Towers who were established on May 31, 2012, they have shortest history in the 8 clubs.

However, the Japanese user’s main club is Tower of Ivory who are playing in Iranian top league Persian Gulf Cup for a long, so they were not an easy opponent for Devils.



広末涼子 (53346) 2-1 RedSun (418839)

Match - 広末涼子 vs. RedSun - TrophyManager.com


Maybe the match which was attracted attention most.

The last season league winner against the cup winner.

R.H.F is an attacking team, but they didn’t give chances to the opponent by keeping high possession, and tried counter attack.


The opening goal was THE SUN’s, but except this free kick,  the away team could not do anything.



The Semi finals of Cup of Japan will be playd on 18.


広末涼子 (53346) – Tóquio A.C (1489048)

urawa reds (184788) – Hachioji 1969 (551851)

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