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Round 2, 広末涼子’s home game ended with a draw



広末涼子 already dropped 2 points


On January 31、in the round 2, “The Invincibles” 広末涼子 (53346) were held to a shock draw and dropped two points.


The opponent is urawa reds (184788) and both teams played in the final of the Cup of Japan in the last season.


This draw would be equal to a defeat for R.H.F who had aimed to win the league by winning every match.



Japan   J. League Division 1   Trophy Manager




広末涼子 2-2 urawa reds

Match   広末涼子 vs. urawa reds   TrophyManager.com-en



The visitors red diamonds made the first move and a former Kuwait International Nasser Al Ouargui found the net on 2 minutes and 8 minutes in succession.


No home team’s defenders were able to react to either attacks.


After that, the away side was superior in the whole first half.


But in the second half, the tendency of the game has changed, then Masayuki Tokunaga scored on 54 minutes, and after the 10 minutes he made the second goal by free kick and equalised the match.


The match was totally equal and it shows that the retirement of Mannaa and Yoshimoto is having a significant impact on the team, despite Tokunaga played enough well as a replacement for Mannaa.




広末涼子 acquired a world class forward

After the defeat, 広末涼子 (53346) bought a top level international player as promised.


It’s the ace of Albania National Team, Ilirian Libohova.



Ilirian Libohova   Trophy Manager-en



He who played 57 matches and scored 23 goals for Albania NT, is one of the best forward in the Trophy Manager world, and the transfer fee 581.6 million would be a bargain price.

 - Season 36, J. League Division 1 ,