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サッカーゲーム『トロフィー・マネージャー』の日本ユーザー向けファンサイト。Japanese FanSite of Trophy Manager: best online football manager game.


Reserve Team for Free



You can manage reserve team for free

Japan has a campaign to support reserve teams (B teams).

It offers Pro days to Japan clubs that hope to have a reserve team (B team).
In other words, you can create and keep your reserve team for free.

The pro days will be payed from River Cats (3104048)’s Pro.

Offer Pro for B team

This is an offer of Pro to create or renew B team for Japan clubs.

But you need either at least Youth Academy level 7 or Training Ground level 7.

If you are a Diamond user, you can’t get it because your B team is free.

Create B Team

When you create a new B team, please post “無料 Pro 提供 You can get free Pro by River Cats” thread.

I FC Sagami (2260539) will pay 20 pro and you’ll get 17 Pro.

Renew B Team

You can claim Pro to renew your B team when your B team expires in 10-0 days.

Please post screenshot as follow and request in this thread.


I donate 20 (17) Pro again, You can add 3 months.

I might not pay immediately, so please request early.

The purpose

To improve Japanese players routine.

Edited; Now you can demand without screenshot

Posting screenshot might be not easy for some users (for example, mobile users and users who don’t have good knowledge about Internet).

Therefore the rule has been changed.

Now you can claim without screenshot.

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