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Red cards eliminate Japanese clubs from RoW competitions


International Competitions for Clubs

Eliminated from both RoW League and RoW Cup

FITA RoW League

広末涼子 (53346) who had finished at the top of the Group C and gone through to the finals meet FC Fuegonia (1162146), the Australian champion.

Both teams have played against in the group stage.

The results were FC Fuegonia (1162146)’s win and a draw, but 広末涼子 are considered one of the competition favorites and slightly advantageous.

First leg: 広末涼子 1-2 FC Fuegonia

In the first leg, 広末涼子 used Tzafrir Dagan, an Israel international, who had joined just before the match as a central midfielder and their formation was 4-4-2 (4-3-1-2).

 F F 

On 11 minutes, R.H.F’s Fernando Campos, a Brazilian defender, opened the scoring with a header from a corner kick.

However, their right-back Kanzaburo Okada was sent off on 15 minutes and it was the turning point in the game.

広末涼子 replaced Toru Ohi with Yosai Ichikawa who is 20 years old, and changed to a three-back formation.

But the opponent made many chances and home team conceded an equaliser on 60 minutes, then the visitors came from behind for victory with an added time goal.

Match   広末涼子 vs. FC Fuegonia   TrophyManager.com

Second leg: FC Fuegonia 2-0 広末涼子

R.H.F who had lost the home game, acquired Sigurd Kirkeby, a Norway international, and reinforced midfield, and reinforced midfield, and decided to play Dagan who had played at midfield in the first leg as a forward.

Same formation with the first game tactics, but more offensive one.

However, Okada gave a easy victory to the opponent again.

On just 4 minutes he was given a yellow card, and after 3 minutes he was sent off with a second yellow.

Though he is the best Japanese full-back, he hasn’t reflected on the previous match.

He has not learned anything from past failures.

広末涼子 played with 10 men, but they couldn’t made enough chances.

On 70 minutes, 広末涼子 who need goals substituted Masayuki Tokunaga with Ashihei Nishijima.

But Tokunaga entered the pitch, soon trouble visited him unfortunately.

After only 1 minute he left the pitch by injury, then Kazuki Omori participated in the game.

Worse still, Riad Zelenika, a Bosnia-Herzegovina international, god injured on 77 minutes, then the away team continued to play with 9 players as they had already used all three substitutes.

The match ended at 2-0 and the stats were merciless, 広末涼子’s possession was 29%, shots were 3 and shots on target 0.

Match   FC Fuegonia vs. 広末涼子   TrophyManager.com


First leg: FC Sagami 0-3 STALLIONS

In the RoW Cup, Red card decided the result as well.

On 7 minutes, FC Sagami (2260539)’s Sugimoto ‘永井 Nagai’ Kanesaka received a Red card.

He is one of the important player for Sagami’s offense with Lovro ‘Mandžukić’ Marjanović in this season

Without him, the threat of their attacks were half, also their couldn’t keep ball, so STALLIONS (281557) dominated the one-side game though their away game.

Match   FC Sagami vs. STALLIONS   TrophyManager.com

Second leg: STALLIONS 3-2 FC Sagami

Sagami who needed a miracle played more offensive 4-4-2 (4-1-3-2) though away.

 F F 

In this match, Kanesaka played well to retrieve his honor.

Scored two goals, but FC sagami who haven’t played well at away in this season conceded three goals, the last Japanese club were eliminated from the RoW Cup with a total score of 2-6.

All Japanese clubs disappeared from RoW competitions.

Match   STALLIONS vs. FC Sagami   TrophyManager.com

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