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REC System and 20 Potential Scale


New Potential Index for Players

1-20 Potential Scale Returns


For those who been around for ages you might recall the old 1-20 scaling of potential of players.

This has now been revived after request from the community for a while.

To find this new potential scale look in the scout report.

It is added there for both new and historical scout reports.

It is mainly a feature for those who want to nerd TM.

The REC scale with current REC and potential REC is still used and easy to understand for everyone who does not want to go that much in to details.

And of course.

The feature is free for everybody.

Next up -> Improved transfer bidding.

Enjoy 🙂  😛 


20 Wonderkid
19 Extraordinary
18 Outstanding
17 Superb
16 Excellent
15 Great
14 Good
13 Fine
12 Decent
11 Okay
10 Modest
9 Standard
8 Mediocre
7 Unimpressive
6 Inadequate
5 Wretched
4 Horrible
3 Miserable
2 Despicable
1 Queasy

Small Adjustment to 1-20 Potential Scale


The REC 5 potential players have been corrected to now show a more accurate 1-20 assessment of if they are extraordinary (19) or wonderkids (20).

Yesterdays implementation gave to many rating as wonderkids.

This is now corrected and will give you extra detailed insights in how good your 5 REC potential youths are.

All players are still the same players as they were before.

This is just detailed insights into their potential.

No changes has been made to players talent, potential or anything else.


Pot 5*: Wonderkid and Extraordinary

Potential REC 5 means 19 or 20 in the new scale, but…

After the adjustment, REC 5 Potential means Wonderkid (20) or Extraordinary (19).

However, Extraordinary (19) isn’t always Pot 5*.

Now there are both Pot 5* (19/20 potential) and Pot 4.5* (19/20 potential) players.

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