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RatingR2 – New tool for Trophy Manager


VF Tomato

RatingR2 – New rating system to replace TB-Rating and TrExMa


tomatozuki who is playing Trophy Manager as VF Tomato (2925434) has released a new tool, RatingR2.

His blog (Japanese language) is here.

Trophy Manager プレイ日記

This tool can be used by only Japanese and English.


To install, click RatingR2.user.js in this page “RatingR2 & 関連ツール” of his blog.

To use this script you have to run it on the browser.

It works on Chrome and Firefox.

For Firefox users, you need to install Grease Monkey:

Grease Monkey is here.

After installation, players pages are shown as below.

RatingR2 sample

(1) Adding REREC value

REREC means Reverse Engineered REC Calculator, it’s estimated value of Rec.

If you want to know more, see this thread.

(2) This value is the total TI of the season

It is calculated from wage (= SI at the beginning of the season).

Invalid for these players.

– players whose wage is 30,000

– players of clubs founded in this season

– players hired in this season

(3) Player’s value of the new rating system

Player’s rating in the RatingR2.

(4) Adding TrExMa value

Player’s TrExMa which is one of the index is used to in Trophy Manager.

RatingR2’s features

– Adapted to the new routine system.

– Set Pieces skill isn’t considered.

– Crossing skill isn’t so important because Wing Attacks aren’t so often even for wingers.

– Longshots skill isn’t so important because long shots aren’t so often for forwards.

– In overall, the importance of Pace, Workrate and Positioning was increased.

In this file, you can see more detailed weight of skills for each position.


Edited: including the advanced version RatingR2_All features

The latest version is including RatingR2_All features.

Beta Version

The beta Version includes RERECb (more accurate REREC) and it is updated frequently.


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