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サッカーゲーム『トロフィー・マネージャー』の日本ユーザー向けファンサイト。Japanese FanSite of Trophy Manager: best online football manager game.


RatingR2 – Advanced version


VF Tomato

RatingR2_All – has been released


The advanced version of RatingR2 which has been released by tomatozuki (VF Tomato (2925434))RatingR2_All has been released.


Since the advanced version can’t be used together with the normal version, if you already have installed RatingR2.user.js, before installation you have to delete it.

To install, click RatingR2_All.user.js in RatingR2 拡張版 page of VF Tomato (2925434)’s blog Trophy Manager プレイ日記 (Japanese language).

This script works on the browser like normal version.

You can use it on Chrome and Firefox.

For Firefox users, you need to install Grease Monkey:

Grease Monkey is here.

After installation, REREC and RatingR2 of each position are added.

Adaptability isn’t considered in these values.

Sample image

RatingR2_All Sample

Edited: Normal version is including these features now

At this moment, RatingR2_All features are included in the normal version.

Please use RatingR2.user.js.

This is the article about online football manager game “Trophy Manager”.

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