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Quarter Finals for Cup of Japan in Season 36



Quarter Finals for Cup of Japan



April 10, quarter finals of the cup will be played.


The last eight teams are FC Sagami (2260539), MacabiBrazil (26800), 広末涼子 (53346), urawa reds (184788), Pulse Limited (2097265), FC Barcol (2323444), ashina (1489015) and RedSun (418839).



FC Sagami – MacabiBrazil

広末涼子 – urawa reds

Pulse Limited – FC Barcol

ashina – RedSun



広末涼子 – urawa reds and ashina – RedSun are attracting people’s attention.


Of course the favorite is 広末涼子 who are keeping unbeaten in the league, but they have been sometimes defeated in the final of the cup.


urawa reds and RedSun would try to bring back them into existence again, and ashina would be aiming for the first title in their history.



Only one J2 club is Pulse Limited.


But they who are in the relegation zone might give priority to the league.


The opponent FC Barcol are also in the midst of the relegation battle in the J1.



For MacabiBrazil, the possibility of their first relegation to the J2 in 11 seasons has more and more increased.


On the other hand, FC Sagami have advantage in this point.


They already avoided relegation and can focus on the cup.


Sagami have acquired a player for the competition.




We have signed Andrey Mikhnevich because of Rovasio’s injury

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

April 7, we have won against 涼子の院 (764222) with a score of 3-1 and advanced to the quarter finals of the Cup of Japan.



But  Edoardo Rovasio suffered a serious injury in this game.


It is difficult to come back to the pitch during this season.


Edoardo  Di Natale  Rovasio   Trophy Manager



We will play the remaining games without him.



Although staying in the J1 is a practical certainty, there are still some matches, and also we remains alive in the cup.



Therefore we we have completed the signing of  Andrey Mikhnevich.


Andrey  Kislyak  Mikhnevich   Trophy Manager



He is a player who had been playing a long time in the top division of Belarus, Vysshaya Liga.


While Rovasio is a offensive player who sometimes plays as forward, Mikhnevich is more defensive, but the both are right side players, so we expect that he makes up for Rovasio.


Because their characteristics are different, after Rovasio‘s return, they can play together on the pitch.








Cup   Trophy Manager

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