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Polish keeper replaces a former Belgium international



広末涼子 spent 600 million for a 31 years old Polish goalkeeper


Big signing of the season for 広末涼子 (53346).
Poland rumored no.4 choice NT GK, Emanuel Kanabrodzki.
Kanabrodzki easily can be any country no.1 NT GK, but unfortunately he born in the one of the big talent country which already have three top GKs that are better than him.

Emanuel Kanabrodzki

Emanuel Kanabrodzki   Trophy Manager

広末涼子 are desperately finding a established and proven GK for the club, as former Belgium NT GK, De Brul is retiring end of this season.
And with few big names GK been missed through out the season, he was bidding ferociously for Kanabrodzki when he was listed by Indonesia giant Dizstater Habennagen against Italian veteran club, Biribago with the price of 660.1M.
This price is higher than what we paid for De Brul previously, but due to the highly demand of proven and high routine GK, this price is unavoidable.

広末涼子 are quite pleased with the signing, as Kanabrodzki confirm can play at least three seasons for the club, before sign of retiring.

広末涼子 are confirmed to play Kanabrodzki straight into the last match of league game and rest of the cup matches, to warm him up for next season.

Brecht De Brul

Brecht De Brul   Trophy Manager

Kanabrodzki is a big youth talent, and is always tagged with high transferred price, been previously bought by Dizstater Habennagen for 1bil, and previous previous Vietnam owner with price of ~ 1.4bil.
Now still at his peak, the 660mil paid is still consider quite reasonable.

Emanuel Kanabrodzki   Trophy Manager


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