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Player’s potential could change


Potential of players can be increased

Most TM users are considering that player’s potential doesn’t change.

In my opinion, however, it is wrong and potential can change.

Scouts change estimation

In my club, FC Sagami (2260539), most players increase their potential, but it might depend on player’s pulling age and the Training Ground.

In February, I opened “Scouts have different opinions from they had before” thread on the general forum and wrote as follow.

Recently, my scouts have different opinions from they had before.

In the first half of 2013, most my scouts (including some Dev 20) estimated Toshiharu Yamase‘s ‘s potential as 4.5.

But recently, they say he is Pot 5*.


Not only this player.

I can show more examples…

Tomoyuki Toda

He was Pot 4*, but is 4.5*.


Ronan Robert

This player came from my sub clubs YA.

He was 5*, but now 4.5*.

I know that even Dev 20 scouts aren’t always accurate.

But I know many such players.

How about your scouts and players?

After change of training system, players get 100% training

In the thread, Hansa Rockstadt (394916), a Norwegian user, agreed that a lot of players increase their potential, and he said as follow.

This has happened to my players for a lot of seasons.
When players get older, their potential have a tendency to be increased a little.
My guess has been that this is due to some of the following factors:

1) While being, on average, more accurate than the scouts, even a level 10 YA can be wrong.

2) It has been mentioned in another recent thread that Dev 20 / Youth 20 isn’t enough for a scout to guarantee accurate reports.
Although this is meant to explain single reports deviating from the norm, not a general upswing.

So what I theorize to be the main reasons:

3) A scout reports the potential based on his expectations of the player’s future quality, his estimated max values, based on factors including the player’s current skills + his current development.
As current development is based on his current training, buying a player from a club with, say, level 5 TG can give a better report when scouting the player at his new level 10 TG as this gives him training at 100% (50+50) rather than 75% (50% natural + 5/10*(50%)) for the remainder of his development.

4) I remember from reading in the forum some 20 seasons ago that players in bloom could be overrated and as scouts only read a player’s stage of bloom, not the amount of weeks to go, players aged XX,9/10/11 could get higher potential due to higher expected end of development as their current values are higher.
I would expect this to have been changed now, but mention it anyway.

5) What I think/suspect have happened to my “overachievers”.
I have produced 12 five star players: 3 GKs (potential bugged, so not able to say if overachieving) and 9 outfield players from a total of 2 or 3 talents rated 19 in the old system (no players rated 20).
If you use the 0,5-5 stars system 19 and 20 should be 5 stars and 17 and 18 should be 4,5 stars. Obviously there are major deviations here.

When the training system changed some 15-20 seasons ago, the new training system had values going up to 100%.
But as this system made it harder to get great coaches, I think (it was a long time ago, so don’t curse me if I’m wrong here) they made it so that 90% in the new system (let’s call it seasons 20-30) was the same as 100% in the previous system (season 10-20?).
When teams started getting better and better coaches as these arrived the same way scouts arrive today, players actually received training better than what was previously 100%, “everyone” had a GK coach at 100% and I had 7 outfield coaches ranging from 94 to 100%, and both the scouts’ estimates and the player’s max values got higher as the player received this “better-than-perfect” training.

Obviously point 5) is my own theory and isn’t verified anywhere, at least not as I’ve seen.
But it is the only explanation I can think of as to why this happened so often to my players, both homemade and imported.
I thought this was quite common some seasons ago, though with fewer good talents worth keeping at the club, it’s harder to say too much about it today.

6) If my theory isn’t falsified I could speculate as to whether the instant upgrade, the increased potential a player gets the instant he arrives at the club and is scouted by scouts, is due to training at level 10 TG being superior to the training received before arrival at the club, which is probably what the academy estimate is based on as the player hasn’t yet arrived at the club when that potential is revealed.
It shouldn’t be that way, but I think it’s obvious to everyone that training occurring before arrival at the academy is not very good.
And I’m not talking only about training the wrong skills, but also about the SI these players have when they arrive.
It’s vastly inferior to what players arriving at 15/16 y old will have given the same potential.

Pull 15-16 years old players

Younger players increase more potential

If theory of Hansa Rockstadt is right, you should pull young talents as younger talents should increase more potential.

Because, if you pull young talents, they get high level training for a longer time during high TI period than players who are pulled at high age.

Actually, in “Share your TM secrets!” thread, a Polish user, Delirium (3052589), said as follow.

I love to train youth so always pull 15-16 years old youth.
Just after implementing 15-16 year old pulls I discovered that even best scouts’ reports are simply lying about the real potential and the next step was to discover the real potential of pulled player.
I succeed and even wrote about it on our local forum and later on general forum but almost none believed me.

Invest in Youth Academy and Training Ground

In my club (Youth Academy 10, Training Ground 10), most 15-16 Pot 4* players have increased 0.5 their potential until 18 years old.

To hire 15-16 years talents, you need Pro, but it is worthy to spend it.

If you want, you can earn Pro by posting articles to this site.

Considering the running cost, Level 10 Youth Academy have not been always advantageous.

Surely better Youth Academy generates better Youth talents, but it depends on more random.

However, now level 10 Youth Academy is more profitable by improving of Youth pull and rise of potential.

High level Training Ground is also needed to increase potential (so, if you have low level Training Ground, you may have to consider pull old talents).

But it must be noted that this argument is based on the current transfer market.

I’m anticipating the deflation of the transfer market in the near future.

If the price of Pot 4.5* players drops, the finance situation might change.

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