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Over 1,500 millions clubs


“Astonishingly rich” doesn’t mean 1,500 million



Do you know how rich these astonishingly rich club? 🙂



Yeah, we all know >1,500 M is the standard of super-rich, but if you really know the amount of it, being surprised.



Let’s take a look of 広末涼子 (53346).


広末涼子   Trophy Manager



1, Income from transfer in 30 seasons he raised 5,158 M.


2, Income from ticket, so we cannot get the actual value, but I consider it will not be below 20,000 M (from my special calculation 🙂 ).


3, Expense for wage, also we just get the estimated value, about -20,000 M.



So you can get the result =>5,000 M, anyone has confident to beat a guy with 5,000 M?


In Japan the answer is no.


I predict 広末涼子 will doom Japan at least 10 seasons.



Finally, 広末涼子,  could you tell us how rich you are? 🙂




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