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Omori joined Sagami and scored 2 goals against his old club


FC Sagami

FC Sagami have signed Japan international Omori and he scored 2 goals in his debut match against his previous club

FC Sagami signed Omori from a league rival

The 29 years old Japan international forward moved to FC Sagami (2260539) from 広末涼子 (53346) for a fee of 800 million.

Kazuki  岡崎 Okazaki  Omori   Trophy Manager

R.H.F had no intention to sell Omori, however, Sagami acquired by paying his 800 million release clause.

Recent seasons, the price of top class Japanese players has extremely increased.

This transfer would not only strengthen Sagami’s attacking but also cause a big loss for 広末涼子.
They are really struggling to obtain Japanese players.

Though they keep their consecutive J1 title, this season the difference of both the club’s squad is little.

Play Style and Career

Omori‘s current RatingR2 is 108.52, it’s the highest in all Japanese players.

As forward, his Finishing and Longshots are not ideal in the level, but he has physical advantage far from Japanese and aerial battle is his strong point, also his routine is high.

In addition, his good passing skill is useful as target man.

He is like Drogba.

Age of 涼子の院

Omori was graduated from 広末涼子 youth and was expected as a future key player.

In the Season 32, he played in the J2 as a member of the reserve team 涼子の院 (764222) and recorded 30 goals, and contributed to promote the team to J1.

Kazuki  岡崎 Okazaki  Omori   Trophy Manager

Season 33, the team team became the runner-up of the Cup of Japan.
They advanced to the final, but they were defeated by their top team.

Kazuki  岡崎 Okazaki  Omori   Trophy Manager

In the Season 34, he scored 22 goals, then won the U21 Top Goalscorer and the U21-Player-of-the-Year awards in the J. League Division 1, and the next season he scored 23 goals as well.

Kazuki  岡崎 Okazaki  Omori   Trophy Manager

Play in the Top Team

In the Season 36, he was promoted to the top team of 広末涼子 when he was 22 years old.

But the squad depth limited his play opportunity.

He had been able to get his position from Masayuki Tokunaga who has better Finishing and world class players.
So his starting position had always been on the bench and had played as a sub player so far.

Masayuki Tokunaga   Trophy Manager

In the National Team

Omori had not been given enough chances in the club, while FC Sagami’s manager N-Kobayashi had a high opinion of his ability.

When he was the Japan National Coach, Omori made his international debut.
After that N-Kobayashi had preferred him than Tokunaga.

One of the reason is his high RatingR2, and another reason would be that he suits wing attacks that is N-Kobayashi‘s favorite tactics.

Impressive debut, scored 2 goals against the previous club

The next day of the signing, Omori played a league match against his previous club 広末涼子, and found the net twice for Sagami in this important match in the title race.

Match   広末涼子 vs. FC Sagami   TrophyManager.com

We aquired Omori and he showed decisive play in his debut match

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

FC Sagami are delighted to announce the signing of 29 years old Japan international Kazuki Omori from 広末涼子 (53346).

The transfer fee is 800 million.

He will be suitable for our wing attacks since he is strong in aerial battle.

The next day of the transfer, we played against his previous club 広末涼子 at their stadium.

He found the net twice and was picked as Man of the Match.

This season, we are aiming the league title.

They are a direct rival in the title race, therefore it was six-point match.

Omori already proved his worth is more than 800 million.

Interview with Kazuki Omori

–“What are the reasons for the transfer?”

“Leaving 広末涼子 was a difficult decision because I had played for long time there.
But it’s hard to make results in only 10 minutes of every match.
Even I scored, I was always on the bench.
I have to be in the starting eleven play full time and I couldn’t feel trusted enough there”

–“What is the key point that chose Sagami?”

“The manager, maybe?
Ryoko Hirosue told me that I’ll be a key player for next 2 seasons, and the club gave a new offer.
But N-Kobayashi had given an important role in the national team, and he invited me enthusiastically this time.
Sagami are an ambitious club and he told they needed me to win the league”

–“Scored 2 goals against your old club and has been elected Man of the Match.
It was a brilliant debut, wasn’t it?”

“The opponent was teammates until yesterday, it was complex feeling.
But most current teammates also have played in same team.
I know how I should play and what they want”

–“It was really loud booing”

“I can understand the feeling of R.H.F fan.
But it was necessary to change the environment for me, and now I’m FC Sagami’s player, so I just play for Sagami”

Interview with the manager N-Kobayashi

“We’ve been watching Kazuki for a long time.
I’m glad to sign with him”

–“There are voices that 800 million is too expensive”

“Top quality Japanese players’ price rises more and more.
But if really we need, we don’t begrudge spending”

–“Acquired from a rival club, didn’t you?
Some people say controversial transfer”

“Who does say that?
Though it’s delight that we are now regarded as a rival of the champion.
We have bought from players many times, and if they send good offer to any our players we would consider.
We are friendly rivals and we have a good relationship”

–“Sagami already have Domenico Bonucci, he played as attaching midfielder today, didn’t he?”

“It could show the two players can play at the same time.
It was an away match and Fons who is playing as central midfielder usually was injured, So I used Domenico as attaching midfielder.
Of course 4-4-2 is a option”

Domenico  Andy SELVA  Bonucci   Trophy Manager

Fons  Jeff STRASSER  Juncker   Trophy Manager



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