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No changes about youth pull and training


Trophy Manager

Interview with a MT – Part 5

Improvement of Youth Pulls

Will you implement a fairer distribution in YA pulls and make it less random?
Will we get the possibilities to fully develop our own players and not have to pull already half-bloomed guys with bad skill distribution?
Have you planned further changes to YA + TG?
Will we have coaches again?

No changes

It is not planned to make it less random.
We have thought about a “catch-up” function if you do not pull anything but crap for ages, but for now this is only an idea.

We are also closely following the pulls since we upped the potential of the players this SU.
Not concluded, but we might up the pulls a bit more in a near future.

Regarding the question to fully develop your own players.
We already have an option to pull 15-16 year old talents.
So this is possible.

The way older talents are generated is though something we are planning to look into at some point later on.
It could be better, and will be.
But it is not a short-term priority.

No thing have been planned to YD+TG besides the above mentioned and we will not bring coaches back.
To get rid of this was part of the making TM 2.0 more casual and appealing to a broader audience.
It was too complex and didn’t add enough to the overall game-play in our opinion.

Last questions… Answered on Monday.

Users often suggest to implement more options for customization, e.g. player pics (also with beards), team kits, more different stadiums, a hall of fame, a trophy cabinet or a custom club house.
Many would also like to have the recent forum threads shown on the club house again.
Will you add more customization options?

In the past you have announced that you work on a new match analyzer and a revamp of the Rec system including player potentials.
However, they have never been implemented.
Have you canceled these projects from your work list?
Will you bring back the system of 1-20 potentials (maybe with quarters of stars)?



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