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Next Japan National Coach Election



National Coach Election voting has started



The Japan national coach election for the Season 37-38 is now in the voting period.



代表監督選挙 Nc election Season 37-38


代表監督選挙ディスカッション Nc election discussion Season 37-38



ECA United (98330) couldn’t get nomination which required to become a candidate, and RedSun (418839) didn’t run for, so the national coach candidate for Japan is only FC Sagami (2260539) like the last national coach election.




Speach of FC Sagami (2260539)




I am the incumbent Japan National Coach.



I hope to continue the current work again.



NT is not a private team for someone.


In the case that one user continues NC for long time, there are advantages and disadvantages.


It’s good for long-term plans, on the other hand, other users might lose interest in NT.



So, this time, I suggested to two users that they run for this election.


They have supported NT by tactical advice or scouting youth.


But both declined, so I decided my candidacy in order to keep my plan to organize NT, involve more users and make more open NT (if they allow, I can say their name.).



I also considered to nominate 広末涼子 (53346).


He has also helped NT.


But his team is very strong and has many NT players.


So, I thought if he became a coach, other users might lose interest in NT.



My basic policy won’t change.


I aim for involving users, active discussion, making good NT shortlist, improving routine of young players, etc.



NT thread and conference will be kept, and I hope your advice and support.






I’ll announce information as possible.


Also any questions and criticisms are welcome.



In the competition, I can’t promise about results, but of course I will do my best.



Please vote for me.



Thank you.



FC Sagami   Trophy Manager




National Coach Election – Time to vote



The nomination phase is now over.


You can now choose who is going to be the next National Coach (NC) by expressing a preference for your favourite candidate.



So, what are you waiting for?






The deadline is May 7th 9:00 am (Wednesday) (TM time)



If you are a voter, please remember:



– You can vote for your own team;


– multiple teams can vote;


– Clubs less than half a season old cannot vote;


– Once your vote is cast, you cannot change it, no matter what 🙂



If you are a candidate, please bear in mind that GTs will be monitoring the whole election process:


cheating, bribes, spam would lead to a punishment, such as being removed from the election/game ban etc.


So please play fair as you would do in the real life.



Remember, your vote might make the difference!

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