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Nakayama marks 100th and 101st goal


FC Sagami

Memorial Goal of FC Sagami’s Nakamura

At round 31, Kazuhiro ‘Gon’ Nakayama of FC Sagami (2260539) exceeded the hundred league goal mark for the club.
Match - FCルーマニア vs. FC Sagami - TrophyManager.com

Kazuhiro ‘Gon’ Nakayama celebrated 100th and 101st goal

Press release from FC Sagami (2260539)

Today, against FCルーマニア (2580138) Kazuhiro Nakayama scored 100th and 101st league goal for the club and brought us a victory.
He is the first player who reached to 100 goals in FC Sagami (2260539), and 101 goals is our club record as well.
He achieved this record in 130th match since he has joined in the Season 31.
He also made 5 goals in the cup matches, so he has scored 106 goals in competition matches.
In addition, his career league goal is now 146, so 150th goal is close at hand.


Kazuhiro 'Gon' Nakayama - Trophy Manager
Since Croatian forward Marijan Horvatin has joined, Sagami often play 4-4-2 instead of 4-5-1, Nakayama  is still piling up goals as a regular.

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