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Messi, Ronaldo and Neuer in TM


The Ballon d’Or – Who is the best player in the world?

Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or for the third time

In the real world, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Manuel Neuer were contention in the FIFA Ballon d’Or, and Ronaldo won the award in the end.

The rates of votes obtained are Ronaldo 37.66%, Messi 15.76%, then Neuer 15.72%.

Considering Ronaldo‘s performance in 2014, it is no wonder that he got the prize.

On the other hand, Messi has already won the award four times.

These two players who have broken numerous records and won titles must surely be legends that remain in history.

Neuer placed the third in the Ballon d’Or by a very narrow margin.

But he was a strong candidate against the legendary two players despite goalkeeper that is disadvantageous position for the award.
He keeps excellent performance in this season, considering his position and age, he has good possibility to win the prize in the future.

Anyway there is no doubt that they are the best players in the moment

Who is the player worthy of the Ballon d’Or in TM?

How to decide the best player?

Then, who are the best players in Trophy Manager?
Who are the players worthy of the Ballon d’Or?

In TM, there is the “Player-of-the-Year” award in each league, but unfortunately there is no award to be given to the best player in the world like the Ballon d’Or.

Therefore I’d like to decide from players’ ability.

In TM, there are some indexes to assess players, such as Recommendation (Rec), Skill Index (SI) and user made rating tools.

At this moment, the most suitable one is maybe RatingR2.

I select the best players based on RatingR2.

Candidates of the Ballon d’Or in TM

At the present time, the best players in TM world are maybe these three players; Rajmund Koterski, Telmo Vaz and Jouni Marjaniemi.

As far as I know, only they have Over 120 RatingR2.

They are Messi, Ronaldo and Neuer in TM.

Rajmund ‘Palanka’ Koterski

Rajmund  Palanka  Koterski   Trophy Manager

Nationality: Poland

Age: 30 years 9 months

Skill Index: 369,961

REREC: 5.82/5.80

Routine: 86.2

RatingR2: 119.92/120.28

Club: Imperial Tárraco (Spain)

In the Season 27, when he was young, transferred to the current club and has played for over ten seasons.

Won the Player-of-the-Year and the Top Goalscorer in the Spain top division, Primera División, in the Season 38 and 39 for the second consecutive season.

In Spain, he won the league title two times and the cup titles two times, and won UETA Cup in Europa.

Also he was the last season UETA Champions Cup finalist, but unfortunately missed the trophy.

Played 46 games and scored 26 goals for the Poland National Team.

The winner of the Season 38 World Cup.

Telmo Vaz

Telmo Vaz   Trophy Manager

Nationality: Portugal

Age: 30 years 7 months

Skill Index: 347,326

REREC: 5.75

Routine: 88.4

RatingR2: 120.07

Club: J.F. (Russia)

In the Season 29, moved to a Bulgaria top club, FC Pandeka from Portugal, by 1,705.0 million.

Played in the Bulgaria top division, А-Професионална Футболна Група, until the Season 39.

During the period, the club won the league title six times and the cup title four times.

Also awarded the Player-of-the-Year four times and the Top Goalscorer five times.

He doesn’t hae Europa titles.
The runner up of the UETA Cup in the Season 33 and the runner up of the UETA Champions Cup in the Season 35.

The Last season end, moved to a Russian big club, J.F. that have won UETA Champions Cup three times by 900 million.

Played 49 games and scored 24 goals for the Portugal National Team.

Jouni Marjaniemi

Jouni Marjaniemi   Trophy Manager

Nationality: Finland

Age: 30 years 8 months

Skill Index: 450,285

REREC: 5.85

Routine: 97.4

RatingR2: 123.67

Club: Rödsön Veikot (Finland)

His career has been only for Rödsön Veikot.

He promoted to the top team in the Season 31, after that he has won the league every season except the Season 32.

Also won Cup title for three times.

In Europa, became the runner up of the UETA Cup in the Season 36.

Played 44 games for the Finland National Team.

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