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Match of the Season: J1 in Season 37


Trophy Manager

A critical match of the Season 37

May 18, the second placed FC Sagami (2260539) visited the J. League Division 1 leaders 広末涼子 (53346)’s stadium http://www.flamme.co.jp/RyokoH and a big match which greatly affects the final destination of the championship was played.

The difference of both the teams is 7 points, if the home team R.H.F win, they can run far ahead of the other teams.
While the away team Sagami can’t lose the match to remain the possibility of the title.


Both of them had an injured player.


Kanzaburo Okada, a Japan international side-back, couldn’t play.He got injured in the match with Angola Hunters (755273), the Angolan Super Liga Girabola champion, of the FITA RoW League

FC Sagami

While Eishi ‘駒野 Komano’ Yasuda, a Japan international side-back, who had been away from the pitch for a long time returned after seven matches absence, they weren’t be able to use a defensive midfielder Settan ‘阿部 Abe’ Yoshihara who have been injured in the previous match against 涼子の院 (764222) that is a reserve team of 広末涼子.

Yoshihara who joined in this season is a key player for the solid defense of Sagami, so his absence was a heavy blow for the visitors.



R.H.F that had an issue in the side because of Okada‘s absence played with three Centre Backs formation.

Tried to score with more offensive tactics.

3-5-2 (3-3-2-2)

 F F 

FC Sagami

Sagami expected the opponent’s aim, so their attacks were focused on the sides.

Due to Yasuda‘s comeback, Andrey ‘Kislyak’ Mikhnevich who had played as right-back played as a side half.

4-5-1 (4-1-1-3-1)


広末涼子 3-2 FC Sagami

The game was very exciting.

In the first half, both teams were even.

Both teams failed to score.

In the second half, visitors were under pressure from 広末涼子, the home team took the two goals lead by goal of Kazutoshi Saito and Charifi Saaliti.

However, FC Sagami came from behind with Edoardo ‘Di Natale’ Rovasio‘s play and restore parity in the 82th minutes.

But the away team that moved their defensive midfielder to centre midfielder and a winger to forward conceded a goal in the 86th minutes and they missed to earn one point.

広末涼子 had superior possession, but their all goals were from counter attacks.

Match   広末涼子 vs. FC Sagami   TrophyManager.com

Next game, Round 13

FC Sagami slipped to the third slot after the defeat, RedSun (418839) climbed up to the second instead of them.

Therefore, the match between RedSun and 広末涼子 in the next round is the game between the top and the second again.

Japan   J. League Division 1   Trophy Manager

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