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Manager of FC Sagami seeking re-election



NC election of the Season 35 starts.

Elections which choose National Coach have begun.


National coaches will manage their National Team during the Season 35 and 36, and will play in Asian Cup Qualifiers and if clear the preliminaries, will go to the finals.



At the moment, an user who has announced the candidature is only the manager of FC Sagami, N-Kobayashi who is current Japan National Coach.




Nomination phase:

from 9 November (Saturday) to 13 November 13:59 (Wednesday) (TM time)

Voting phase:

from 13 November 14:00 (Wednesday) to 18 November 14:00 (Monday) (TM time)



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Speech of FC Sagami (2260539)



I am the incumbent Japan National Coach.


I declare my candidacy to continue the current work.



My basic policy won’t change.

Main purpose is to establish organization of Japan NT for long term success.


It means involving many users in NT, active discussion, making good NT shortlist, and to improve young players’ routine, etc.


If I will be elected, what I had done in the past two seasons will be continued.

NT thread and conference will be kept, and I hope your advice and support.



I’ll announce information as possible.

Also any questions and criticisms are welcome.



As for competition, I achieved good results in the Season 33, though we couldn’t advance to the finals in the World Cup of the Season 34.


This time, the draw was not lucky.
In qualifiers, Japan will face Saudi Arabia, they are WC champion.
Hong Kong is also a tough opponent as their all players are Rec 5.
To pass the qualifiers is a difficult mission, but 16 team can play Asian Cup finals, so I think we have possibility.



This season, routine effect has changed.
So it’s difficult to judge who are suitable for NT.
Maybe most players would be 25-30 years old.
But some key players will be over 30, and young players will get chance to play 10 minutes per match.
Anyway I’m going to hear your opinions.



Please vote for me.


Thank you.


FC Sagami



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