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Looking at the power relations of J1 clubs in the middle of the season


The cutthroat competition between the J1 top clubs

Some clubs made great progress, and others failed to get off a good start, but already 15 games have passed, it’s in the middle of the season, now 広末涼子 (53346) are leading other rivals and four clubs that competed for the RoW Cup spots in the last season are contending of the higher positions of the table.


広末涼子 (53346) are keeping their lead in the standings like every season.

Also advanced to the group stage of the RoW League, the early of the season was favorable for them.

However, they already missed to win two matches, it shows that they are losing the overwhelming advantage that they had before.

Their problem is the aging of the squad.

Especially the alternation of generations of Japanese players is facing with difficulties.
Namboku Fujimoto who is playing as a regular in the left side since the Season 39 is not as capable as retired Kazutoshi Saito, and the decline of Ashihei Nishijima in the right side is significant.

Namboku Fujimoto   Trophy Manager

Ashihei Nishijima   Trophy Manager

Also as for both full-backs, Kanzaburo Okada plays rough and is often sent off, and Toru Ohi doesn’t have enough quality.

Kanzaburo Okada   Trophy Manager

Toru Ohi   Trophy Manager

FC Sagami

This season, FC Sagami (2260539) acquired a San Marino legend, Domenico ‘Selva’ Bonucci, and a Turk goalkeeper Enes ‘Rüştü’ Altıntop, they are closing the gap with 広末涼子 steady.

Domenico  Selva  Bonucci   Trophy Manager

Enes  Rüştü  Altıntop   Trophy Manager

In the RoW Cup, they were eliminated after the qualification round 4.

Against a Lebanon club, Fc Ammar Utd, the first leg ended in a 2-2 draw at away, but they suffered an unexpected staggering defeat in the second leg.

Match   FC Sagami vs. Fc Ammar Utd   TrophyManager.com

However, in the domestic league, they are doing quite well, the results are 10 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses so far.

Both losing games were caused by order mistakes; they lost one game by default due to not have enough Japanese players, and lost another game because their coach didn’t notice switching to summer time and didn’t send orders before the deadline.

At the moment, they are the most likely candidate to overthrow the 広末涼子’s domination, and the away game ended in a 2-2 draw.

Match   広末涼子 vs. FC Sagami   TrophyManager.com

VF Tomato

VF Tomato (2925434) who have kept the higher place in the table stably in the past few seasons had had a problem in the quality of Japanese players, but in this season they obtained a Japan international player, Kumanosuke Hirasi, and the squad is stronger than before.

Kumanosuke Hirasi   Trophy Manager

Also a Malaysia international player, Isa Ansori Basri, who had played in Japan for RedSun (418839) has joined.

Isa Ansori Basri   Trophy Manager

They allowed only 12 goals so far, it’s the second solidest defense after 広末涼子.

FC Tako-Yaki

The fourth rank team FC Tako-Yaki (2502808) give chances to young players actively.
They decided to play Marcus Aikawa who was promoted from the reserve in this season as the first choice goalkeeper.

Marcus Aikawa   Trophy Manager

Also a 22 years old Japan international center back Kota Hagihara plays.

Kota Hagihara   Trophy Manager

At the same time, their squad is mixed some experienced veteran players like Rupak Yudhajit, a former Nepal international midfielder, and Takashi Sato, a Japan ex-international winger.

Rupak Yudhajit   Trophy Manager

Takashi Sato   Trophy Manager

Whether they can achieve better results than the last season and obtain a RoW Cup spot.

Coming three games against VF Tomato, 広末涼子 and FC Sagami are important.


Every season ashina (1489015)’s start is not so good, but heir form becomes well gradually.

Hıncal Deniz, a 26 years old Turk midfielder, has joined by 475.8 million.
It is ther club record transfer fee, but his performance is under expectations.

Hıncal Deniz   Trophy Manager

This season, they try to rejuvenate the squad and sold Tommy Barclay and Bakin Sugai who had been important players, and their coach Morihiro is looking for new tactics.

Tommy Barclay   Trophy Manager

Bakin Sugai   Trophy Manager

Match   ashina vs. 逗子Blues   TrophyManager.com

Match   ashina vs. F.C Sylphides   TrophyManager.com

Match   ashina vs. Unya Reds   TrophyManager.com

Match   FC Osaka blu vs. ashina   TrophyManager.com

If they find their best tactics, it’s possible to catch up rivals.

Unexpected teams

While the top five are as expected, the sixth and the seventh placed teams are surprising.

Unya Reds (2502811) who avoided relegation after play off and FC Osaka blu (2323410) who plays in J1 for the first time are doing very well.

On the other hand, FC Shippuden (2103699) had stayed in the middle of the standings sold most key players probably due to rebuild the team, and invested the money in young players, so they have not been able to win any matches.

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