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Let’s pull younger youth and increase their potential



Increase Potential 20 players

Pro is given to clubs that pull potential 20 players.

Let’s hire younger youth players, if you have good training environment, their potential will improve.

The pro days will be payed from River Cats (3104048)’s Pro.

Campaign for potential 20 Japanese players

If you pulled potential 20 Japanese players, you can get some Pro days.

Amount of Pro days

As younger players are more valuable, so the amount of Pro days depends on the age.

  • 15 years 02 months: 40 (35) Pro
  • 15 years 03 months - 16 years 02 months: 30 (26) Pro
  • 16 years 03 months - 17 years 02 months: 20 (17) Pro
  • 17 years 03 months - 18 years 02 months: 10 (8) Pro
  • Potential can be changed.

    Even players who had less than potential 20 when you pulled might become potential 20 in the future.

    In such cases, the age that he turns potential 20 decides how much Pro you can get.

    How can I get?

    Please post your potential 20 players in this thread.

    Players must be pulled in the Season 42 or later.

    If possible, please post screenshot of the player’s scout page.

    The purpose

    To promote investment in Youth Academy and Training Ground and increase younger youth pulls.

    If you have high level Training Ground, let’s hire 15 or 16 age youth players.

    When you don’t have Pro for that, try to use #TrophyManager Japan 無料 Pro キャンペーン / Free Pro Campaign.


    For example FC Sagami (2260539)’s players cases.

    When this player was pulled, Youth Academy reported his potential as 18 and scouts said 19.

    Masato Asari

    A few weeks later, it turned 20 (by Yth 20 and Dev 20 scout).

    FC Sagami receive 30 (26) Pro because he became potential 20 during 15 years 3 months and 16 years 2 months.

    Masato Asari - Trophy Manager (1)

    This player also became potential 20 at 15 years old.

    Yuzo Maeda

    But he was pulled in the Season 41, so FC Sagami can’t get Pro.

    Yuzo Maeda - Trophy Manager (1)

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