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Japan participates World Cup for the first time in 12 seasons



Japan National Team has won its way into World Cup.




In the Asia and Oceania World Cup Qualifiers of the last seasonJapan NT finished at the first place in the Group 2.



The last round of the Qualifiers in the Season 33, Japan was able to go through if they won or tied the match with Oman.

However, if they had lost the game and Malaysia had defeated Qatar, everything would have depended on goal difference.

They were in a difficult position.



The match against Oman was boring, it was clearly a dull game.

Oman lacked motivation since they already had no possibility to pass the Qualifiers, on the other hand, Japan played totally defensively and avoided risks completely to aim at a draw.

Therefore, it wasn’t interesting, but anyway Japan kept a clean sheet and tied the game successfully.



Oman 0-0 Japan


Match - Oman vs. Japan - TrophyManager.com




Though the second team Malaysia won against Qatar and raised their points to 20, Japan maintained the top of the Group 2 with 21 points.


At the results, Japan NT will take part in World Cup in this season.




This is the second time that Japan participates in World Cup.


The last time was in  Season 22, so this is the first time in 12 seasons (in 3 World Cups).




In FITA Ranking, during Season 33, Japan earned 758 points through the Qualifiers.

This is the 23rd in 124 countries.

Now Japan has 2019 points, the rank jumped up from 77th to 59th.

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