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Japan National Team Wingers – Season 37



Japan International Wingers

Aging Wingers

For the Japan National Team, wing attacks had been a powerful weapon for a long time.

Especially the left side had been strong, a couple of seasons ago, when Japan had only eight Rec 5 players, three of them were left wingers (Kazutoshi SaitoYoichi NakaeKunimatsu Sano).

As their Adaptability was high, they had played as a left midfielder as well and the Japan National Team sometimes had used both a winger and a side midfielder at the same time, then the combination of winger – side midfielder – fullback had organized strong attacks.

Kazutoshi Saito   Trophy Manager

Yoichi Nakae   Trophy Manager

Kunimatsu  松井 Matsui  Sano   Trophy Manager

The first choice for the right side has been Ashihei Nishijima, a right midfielder, but when needed Saito or Nakae had played as a right winger.

Ashihei Nishijima   Trophy Manager

Both Sides of Japan National Team in this season

However, as they grow older, both sides of Japan are gradually weakened.

Although his skills dropped, Saito is still one of the best Japanese players, and he might play as a regular in this World Cup Qualifiers.
But the other two players don’t seem to be called up anymore.

As for the right side, Nishijima who is 30 years old and in his peak should continue to play.

As long as there are these two, no problem this season.

But there are no good successors of them.

Takashi Sato is one of the few Rec 5 players in Japan and can play at both sides, but his Passing is too low.
He can be a good backup, but is insufficient to act as Saito‘s substitute.

Takashi Sato   Trophy Manager

Young Prospects

There are some young prospects, but it’s not ideal situation.

RatingR2 points out that Crossing isn’t so important even for side players, still it’s difficult whether Crossing 15 or 16 of Kumanosuke Hirasi, Namboku Fujimoto and Tsumemasa Morishige is enough for international side players.

Kumanosuke Hirasi   Trophy Manager

Namboku Fujimoto   Trophy Manager

Tsumemasa  TM  Morishige   Trophy Manager

Toru Ohi who has high Adaptability while he is a wing-back would be also a candidate, but if he plays at an offensive position, his Finishing and Longshots are problems.

Toru Ohi   Trophy Manager

Both sides may become the Japanese weak point for a while in the future.

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