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Japan National Team Midfielders – Season 37



Japan International Midfielders

Midfield General Abe and Central Midfielder candidates

The one world standard Japanese midfielder is Hidehira Abe who belongs to Hordvik BK (252586) that is the Norway National Coach club.
He plays as a central midfielder or a defensive midfielder having High Passing skill and good defense abilities and is a playmaker or midfield general for the Japan National Team.

Hidehira Abe   Trophy Manager

If the Japan National Team needs two central midfielders, or Abe can’t play, the next options would be Jun Nishikawa or Ichisake Naito.

Jun  本田 Honda  Nishikawa   Trophy Manager

Ichisake Naito   Trophy Manager

However they are already 31 years old, considering their age, Hidetora Narahashi, 25 years old, might be a better choice.

Among young players, Kumanosuke Hirasi‘s name is also mentioned.
He excels in Passing.

According to RatingR2, Natsume Tsukawaki is also a very good player.
But his Passing is low, it’s the most important skill for midfielders, so there is a question whether he can play an active part in the team.

Hidetora Narahashi   Trophy Manager

Kumanosuke Hirasi   Trophy Manager

Natsume Tsukawaki   Trophy Manager

Defensive Midfielders

The level of defensive midfielders is high compared to central midfielders.
Because some of Japan international centre-backs, Arinori Mikami, Shozo Hirabayashi and Keita Tokura can play as defensive midfielders.

But they are anchors that are specialists of defense.

There are no players who can organize games.

Arinori Mikami   Trophy Manager

Shozo Hirabayashi   Trophy Manager

Keita Tokura   Trophy Manager

Attacking Midfielders

The candidates of this position are four players.

They are Takiji Yamagishi, Masayuki Tokunaga, Iemitsu Nishitani and Jun Nishikawa who is already mentioned as a central midfielder.

Takiji Yamagishi   Trophy Manager

Masayuki Tokunaga   Trophy Manager

Iemitsu Nishitani   Trophy Manager

Jun  本田 Honda  Nishikawa   Trophy Manager

At the moment, Yamagishi might be a bit superior to Tokunaga, but in the previous Asian Cup Qualifiers, the manager of FC Sagami (2260539) already gave priority to Tokunaga for the future national team, so the possibility that other three players will play at the position might be low.

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