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Japan National Team Goalkeepers – Season 37



Japan International Goalkeepers

Maki‘s decline

In the Season 33, the period of previous World Cup Qualifiers, goalkeeper was a strong position of Japan National Team.

Japan owes it to a lot to their first choice goalkeeper Kazuo Maki‘s work that they were able to earn a berth in the World Cup.
He was one of the few world standard international player Japan of those days had.

He played for Japan in the World Cup of the next season as well, and in the Season 35 protected the goal in the Qualifiers for Asian Cup.

However, he is already 36 years old, the decline is apparent to everyone.
In his club, 広末涼子 (53346), since he got injured in the Last season, he lost his starting place to Brecht De Brul, a Belgium international player, then he hasn’t played in this season yet.
Even with his 99.9 routine, the drop of skills cannot be made up for.

Kazuo Maki   Trophy Manager

Slower growth of the next generation

The problem for Japan is that the generation to replace Maki didn’t see improvement.

None of the players like Torazo Kitagawa, Ichizo Okubo, Akira Kogo and Kyoji Kurihara reached Rec 5 eventually.

Torazo Kitagawa   Trophy Manager

Ichizo Okubo   Trophy Manager

Akira Kogo   Trophy Manager

Kyoji Kurihara   Trophy Manager

A new star Kuramochi

In the situation, a new star appeared, it’s Kunitaro Kuramochi who belongs to FC Barcol (2323444).

The 22 years old is one of the best goalkeeper in the Trophy Manager world in his age.

He played a few games in Asian Cup Qualifiers in the Season 35 and made his debut in the national team at 20 years old, then he reached Rec 5 at 21 years.
His skills are already above any other keepers, he will be the number 1 for Japan National Team for the next ten seasons.

However, routine is important in Trophy Manager, his routine is still too low as a regular international goalkeeper.

Kunitaro Kuramochi   Trophy Manager

GK is a weak point for Japan

Not sure who will play in the qualifiers.

Maybe Maki, Kogo and Kuramochi would contend for the position

But no matter who will play, goalkeeper will be a weak point for Japan.

Goalkeeper is very important in the match engine of Trophy Manager, so this will be the biggest concern of Japan in this campaign.

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