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Japan National Team Full-Backs – Season 37



Japan International Full-Backs

Solution of Right-Back problem

In 逗子Blues Japan (Season 29-30) and RedSun Japan (Season 31-32), a pending problem of Japan National Team was right full-back.

In the Season 33, FC Sagami Japan has also the problem, and FC Sagami (2260539)’s manager, N-Kobayashi, tested many players at the position.
Most of them weren’t right-back specialists.

Eventually, a left-back Kanzaburo Okada had been converted to a full-back that can play at both sides, and Sanraku Minami has defended their left side and Kanzaburo Okada has played as a right-back in many games of the past few seasons.

Kanzaburo Okada   Trophy Manager

Sanraku Minami   Trophy Manager

Two red cards in the World Cup

A turning point was the Season 34 World Cup.

Aggressive Okada was sent off in the two games, which were the ones against USA and Russia, of three matches in the Group League and he was criticized as one of the causes that Japan was eliminated.

This experience strongly impressed the manager of FC Sagami with the risk of playing many aggressive defenders at the same time.

Centre-Backs of the Japan National Team are also have high Aggression, so Conditional Orders to prepare for red cards are essential.

In the Season 35, therefore Minami who can play both at center and side provided against red card on the bench and an offensive full-back Eishi Yasuda started in the Asian Cup Qualifiers.

Eishi  駒野 Komano  Yasuda   Trophy Manager

Younger Generation

These players would play for the Japan national Team in this season again.

In addition, Keisuke Yamaguchi who belongs to ashina (1489015) is also the candidate.
He is inferior to Yasuda in attacking skills like Passing and Crossing, but has good Positioning and advantage in Heading, so he is a more defensive player.

As the two players are different types, they might be chosen in each match.

Keisuke Yamaguchi   Trophy Manager

Wing-back prospects aren’t so many, Toru Ohi is the one.
Though the abilities aren’t outstanding, he is in favor with the coach as an useful player due to his High Adaptability, and already played in some matches.

Toru Ohi   Trophy Manager

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