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Japan National Team Forwards – Season 37



Japan International Forwards

Similar Level Forwards

In the Japan National Team, Forwards situation is a bit different from other positions.

In this World Cup Qualifiers, they have many similar level forwards, even if one or two players injure, the other players would be able to show the similar performance.

On the other hand, there are no world class players, so maybe players of other positions should score a few goals.

At the moment, the best player would be Nobuyoshi Yamada.

Nobuyoshi Yamada   Trophy Manager

But more younger Kazuki Omori and Masayuki Tokunaga might be better options.
There is already almost no difference with Yamada and they might catch up him within this season.

Also Hiroshige Igawa is a candidate, his main skills are already above other players (this player also reached Rec 5 recently).

Kazuki Omori   Trophy Manager

Masayuki Tokunaga   Trophy Manager

Hiroshige Igawa   Trophy Manager

The peak will come after 2-6 seasons

As already mentioned, Japan doesn’t have world class forwards.

But the players except Yamada are still improving, so the offense will be stronger in the next or future campaigns.

After two seasons or six seasons at the latest, when Omori, Tokunaga and Igawa will reach their peak, the Japan National Team might enter the golden age.

Tokunaga might decline, while Hirofumi Nishizawa and Naruhiko Mitsukuri should become candidates around that time.

Hirofumi Nishizawa   Trophy Manager

Naruhiko Mitsukuri   Trophy Manager

At the next campaign, maybe a goalkeeper Kunitaro Kuramochi will have good routine and Centre-Backs shouldn’t decline yet.

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