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Japan National Team Centre-Backs – Season 37



Japan International Centre-Backs

A large stock of Centre-Backs

Players who have played in Japan National Team for the past few seasons since the Season 33 that N-Kobayashi, the manager of FC Sagami (2260539), took office as the National Coach come to the ripening stage, so now centre-back is a strong point of Japan.

The pair of Akira Kitazawa and Juzo Ueno has been regular for the FC Sagami Japan over the seasons.

Akira Kitazawa   Trophy Manager

Juzo Ueno   Trophy Manager

Kitazawa is still keeping the place of the best Centre-Back in Japan, he would play for the National Team in this season as well.

But Ueno might lose the position in the national team due to the growth of Arinori Mikami, Sanraku Minami and Shozo Hirabayashi.

Keita Tokura who made his debut to the national team in the previous Asian Cup also has possibility.

Arinori Mikami   Trophy Manager

Sanraku Minami   Trophy Manager

Shozo Hirabayashi   Trophy Manager

Keita Tokura   Trophy Manager

They can play as a defensive midfielder or a full-back and had played at positions except centre-back or substitution.
But not a few people estimate that they are already above Ueno as centre-back as well.
Mikami or Hirabayashi can solve the weakness of aerial battles that Ueno have.

As there are no good early twenty prospects, so they would become key players for Japan for a long time.
Especially Hirabayashi is still only 26 years old, so his further growth can be expected.

Too many fouls

However, they have a problem.

It is that all of them make a foul too often.

Not only receiving a card, they sometimes are sent off due to their extreme high Aggression.

And it’s risky to give chances of set pieces to the opponent, because Japan National Team has a problem of keepers.

The high Aggression problem can’t be ignored as defender’s foul sometimes decides the game.

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