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Japan missed a victory over Russia at the last minute.



The third match of the World Cup, against Russia

Both Japan and Russia lost two games and they faced each other with zero points.


The two country didn’t have possibility to pass the group stage, because Australia and USA already decided to advance to finals, so they played for only pride.




Russia 2-2 Japan


Match - Russia vs. Japan - line up - TrophyManager.com


Russia 4-4-2

F – F


MC – MC – MR


DL – DC – DC – DR



Japan 4-5-1





DL – DC – DC – DC – DR




For Japan National Team, it can be said the performance was not so bad.


Of course Russia had better stats, but it was in the nature of things considering strength of the both teams.


It was Russia that scored an opening goal, but Japan didn’t give up and came back from behind by goal of Nobuyoshi Yamada and Ken Inamoto.


It was unlucky for Japan that injury of left back Sanraku Minami and sending off of right back Kanzaburo Okada.


If there had not been the injury and red card, Japan National Team wouldn’t have missed a victory over Russia due to a last-minute equaliser.



Okada who also had received a red card in the opening match against USA repeats a foul in his club as well and he was sent off four times in the latest six games.


There is no doubt in his ability, but it would be questionable that such player plays for a nation.


Match - Russia vs. Japan - stats - TrophyManager.com



In the end, the score was 2-2, Japan was eliminated from the competition with one point.


Japan - Trophy Manager




Interview with Japan national coach

Interview with the Japan NC N-Kobayashi who is the manager of FC Sagami (2260539)




“Red cad again, didn’t he?”



“He have to learn self control.

If he send off, I was going to put Arinori Mikami.

Mikami has high Adaptability, so he can play at side.

But, in this match, he was already playing for the replacement of Sanraku Minami who got injury, so we were not able to cope with Okada‘s out”




“Some different players from last two games played”



“As we didn’t have possibility to advance, I used a bit younger players.

That is to say, Nobuyoshi Yamada instead of Kiyoshi Igarashi and Sanraku Minami instead of Toki Miki were in the starting lineup, also Takashi Sato and Kazuki Omori were on the bench.

And Iemitsu Nishitani has too low routine for NT, but the situation might change in the future because routine effect change.

I was going to give him chance to play if possible”

 - Season 34, 日本代表 Japan National Team ,