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Japan loses a match with Australia.



Faces Australia in the second match of World Cup

Japan National Team that was defeated by USA in the opening game in the World Cup met Australia at the second match.




Japan 1-4 Australia


Match - Japan vs. Australia - TrophyManager.com


Japan 4-5-1



MC – MC – MC – MR


DL – DC – DC – DR



Australia 4-4-2

F – F


ML – MC – MC – MR


DL – DC – DC – DC – DR




Japan started with defensive formation.


Torazo Kitagawa played as goalie and protected Japan goal instead of Kazuo Maki who had gotten injury in a RoW Cup match for his club.


Until the mid-game, both teams were evenly matched.


But the difference of the keeper of both teams appeared to score.


If Maki had played, Japan might have led.


Japan NT needed points since they lost their first game, so they changed formation to offensive one gradually.


Toward the end of the game, Japan replaced midfielder by forward and played more offensively, but as a consequence they lost possession and Australia had more chances.


Final score was 1-4 and Japan suffered consecutive defeats.




Interview with Japan national coach

Interview with the Japan NC N-Kobayashi who is the manager of FC Sagami (2260539)




“More defensive tactics than against USA, didn’t you?”



Maki’s absence was a blow.

He is key player of our defense.

Against USA, I tried counter attack, on the other hand, I aimed to reduce chances of the opponent by high possession.

If he had been able to play, we could have had another tactics and another result, I think”




“Losing two games, it became decided that we would be eliminated”



“It’s a shame.

I’m sorry for supporters.

We will still fight next match with Russia for the pride”

 - Season 34, 日本代表 Japan National Team ,