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Japan clubs struggle on the continental competitions


International Competitions for Clubs

FITA RoW Competitions

This season, Japan clubs have terrible results in RoW (Rest of the world) competitions which are tournaments for top clubs in Asia, Africa and Oceania.




FITA RoW League

In Row League which is comparable Champions League, the last J league champion  広末涼子 (53346) and the runner‐up RedSun (418839) are playing.

Five games are over, the rest of the group stage is one game, but both teams missed the finals.


International Cup - 3 - Trophy Manager



広末涼子 (53346)

広末涼子 (53346) are in the Group G with Indonesian champion Medan United (40316), Chinese old campaigner AC INTER (18683) and tita (471228) from Syria.



R.H.F were seen as the favorite.


Medan United were not easy opponent, but it seemed that the Japanese leader who had carried out active reinforcement could defeat them.


AC INTER were a successful club internationally, they became RoW League champion two times and once the runner-up of Row Cup, but in recent years they have been hopeless titles and are not sure to get a place right for the next season RoW League.


tita who have not won a major title even in Syria are an obscure club in the international.



But after five games, 広末涼子 (53346) have just 4 points, their rival is AC INTER for the third place.


On September 28, 広末涼子 will entertain Medan United, on the other hand AC INTER will have a home game with tita.


If they end at the bottom and miss to play in RoW Cup, Japan will drop significantly in the ranking.



In this important game, Charifi Saaliti can’t play for R.H.F.



RedSun (418839)

RedSun (418839) were unlucky in the draw.


They are in the Group C with Endless Spring (445018) who were the Vietnam champion and the last finalist, Algerian mega club MP Oran (47044) who became the winner once and the runner-up twice in RoW league and 【粤】君少 (41644) who were the runner-up of the Chinese league and the cup winner in the last season.


They were expected to end at third place, but the difference between their rival 【粤】君少 is 4 points, so they already decided to leave from the RoW competitions.




FITA RoW カップ

RoW Cup is more serious.


The third placed Namba Osaka (489911), fourth placed 逗子Blues (296683), and the Cup of Japan finalist 涼子の院 (764222) challenged,but all these Japanese clubs eliminated in the qualification rounds, and there is no Japanese club in the group stage.

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