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J3 – Japanese League Structure Change


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Japanese League structure has changed, J. League Division 3 starting


This year, in the real world, the third division of Japan Professional Football League “J3” (J3 League) will start in Japan.


The official site – J3リーグ公式サイト


J3 League – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


At the same time, J3 (the name is J. League Division 3 in TM) has been introduced to Trophy Manager world based on the suggestion of the user of FC Blitz (2740824).




Previous Japanese League Structure

Div. 1 = J. League Division 1


Div. 2 = J. League Division 2


Div. 3 = Japan Football League


Div. 4 = Japanese Regional League




Current Japanese League Structure

Div. 1 = J. League Division 1


Div. 2 = J. League Division 2


Div. 3 = J. League Division 3


Div. 4 = Japan Football League


Div. 5 = Japanese Regional League (if needed)



Japan Football League had been the third division in Japan so far, but it became the fourth division.


Also Japanese Regional League which had been the fourth division is now fifth division’s name.


However, at the moment, there is no fifth division in Japan, so it will be needed only if users increase.



These decisions were made by the discussion in the forum.






The opinion of the user of River Cats (3104048) was adopted and the user of FC Sagami (2260539), who is a Japanese LT and a FT for Japan, requested this change to a MT.

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