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J1 Round 7: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 7: August 28

王子 FC 1-3 ashina

The formation of fishers was 4-4-1-1, they dominated the pitch by 5 midfielders and kept 56% possession instead of having only one forward though an away match, but the reason for their victory was rather finish.

13 shots and 11 shots on target, most of them were from midfielders.

The drop of attacks due to the decreasing of forwards was covered by midfielders’ efforts.


F.C Sylphides 0-8 広末涼子

広末涼子 (53346) won as expected.

As the attacks of the home team focus on the center, R.H.F played with 3 backs for the first time in this season.

A perfect game for visitors except Kitazawa‘s sending off.


Namba Osaka 5-0 Okayama

Namba Osaka (489911) decided to play Tsuruki Ochi at ML for two straight games.

Although this decision was questionable, the home team got a 5-0 win.


Tekkaman FC 2-1 ReD FaLcOnS FC

It’s the beginning of the season yet, but it will be a tough season for both teams.

The home team Tekkaman FC (2103693) got their first win by 2 goals in the early time of the game.


Imbaba Club 1-5 逗子Blues

Both teams played 4-4-1-1.

Te away team got only 39% possession because Daisuke Bandai fouled out on 62 minutes, but Camels missed the chances.

逗子Blues (296683) are in the second place, 3 points  behind the first-place team 広末涼子 (53346).


urawa reds 1-1 Tanuki FC

The away team Tanuki FC (2032412) played an equal match against stronger red diamonds.

TFC having many experienced players played well.


RedSun 3-0 Osaka Celtic


CasaleNinetySix 0-2 MacabiBrazil

MacabiBrazil (26800) earned 3 points, it was a fair result.

But it might be a problem that OMC Giulio Cazzaniga has not shown satisfactory performance in this season.

In this match, Macabi lost a new signing DL  Kakuzo Kishi due to serious injury.



Romanian winger Nicolae Ciobanu of KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS (1987252)’s superb play defeated the visitors.




Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - Trophy Manager




広末涼子 (53346)’s  Kazutoshi Saito won the prize.

He scored twice and assisted one goal.


Although Danish defensive midfielder Bjarni Sørensen belongs to the same club was left out of the Team of the Round, his play is worth appreciating.

He produced four goals by one goal and three assists.


Kazutoshi Saito - Trophy Manager





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