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J1 Round 5: J League Season 35


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Overview of the league Round 5: November 15

Tanuki FC 0-1 Namba Osaka

Namba Osaka (489911) maintain their winning streak.

They have conceded only two goals so far, it’s the fewest in the league and they are in the second place of the table.

広末涼子 (53346) are at the summit of the J. League Division 1 just on goal differential.

On the other side, Tanuki FC (2032412) were defeated three games in a row.


The Gunners 2-2 MacabiBrazil

The home team showed their superiority in the match, but in the additional time, Macabi equalised and the game was ended in a draw.


Imbaba Club 1-2 Tóquio A.C


fcizu 0-2 広末涼子

The visitors won by goals on 20 and 21 minutes.

But fcizu (1959827) avoided to concede more goals against R.H.F, so it could be said that they played rather well as for a promoted club.

Tombolo Battleship have good young players, maybe they should give some chance to sub players.


逗子Blues 1-1 RedSun

It would be an unsatisfied result for both teams.

For RedSun (418839) who ended at the second place in the last season, it was already the third time draw, and the difference from 広末涼子 (53346) and Namba Osaka (489911) were extended to six points.

It is a question that Mochihito Oonishi, a 18 years old defensive midfielder, played as a forward.

While 逗子Blues (296683) earned only four points in five game so far, their supporters are increasing dissatisfaction.


涼子の院 3-1 Furansu jin U.D


Okayama 4-2 Shakhtar Ichikikushikino


王子 FC 2-0 ashina

With this winning against ashina (1489015) who were the third placed team in the last season, 王子 FC (551852) are keeping three points difference between the top.

While sending off of fishers’ Japan international side back Sanraku Minami of course would be affected the match, but O FC played really well.


urawa reds 4-0 Osaka Celtic

urawa reds (184788) scored 4 goals including Takiji Yamagishi‘s hattrick and defeat the visitors.

Osaka Celtic (598351) are still without a win in this season.




Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - 2013 11 15 - Trophy Manager




urawa reds (184788)’s Takiji Yamagishi is the highest-scoring midfielder in Japan and in this round he scored a hattrick.


Takiji Yamagishi - Trophy Manager





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