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J1 Round 28: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 28: October 16

逗子Blues 6-0 Tekkaman FC


Okayama 0-0 urawa reds

Okayama (1776673) did well against a top club.

Goalkeeper Sorai Taku saved his team by superb performance.


Osaka Celtic 0-0 F.C Sylphides

Near the end of the season, F.C Sylphides (2429931) finally got one point at away.

They played a bit offensive formation 3-5-2 (DC-DC-DC, ML-MC-MC-MC-MR – OMC, F), but it was good choice against formation focused on center of Osaka Celtic (598351).


ashina 1-0 CasaleNinetySix


涼子の院 4-2 王子 FC


広末涼子 1-1 MacabiBrazil

Surprising result.

広末涼子 (53346) ‘s second draw in this season.

Owing to this, they lost the possibility to break most points record (99 points in season 29 and 32) in this season.

MacabiBrazil (26800) approached with very defensive 4-5-1 (DL-DC-DC-DR, DMC-DMC-DMR – ML – OMC, F).

For even attackers of R.H.F, it was not easy to score against goal which was shut down by defensive Macabi.

After the start of the second half, Gulzar Mannaa found the net soon, but they were not able to not add any more goals, then visitors came back by header of  Rocha Gaivão.

Home team’s Akira Kogo made his top team debut due to Kazuo Maki‘s injury in RoW Cup match.

It was a bitter experience for him who already has NT cap.


RedSun 4-0 Namba Osaka


ReD FaLcOnS FC 2-5 Tanuki FC


Imbaba Club 4-0 KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS




Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - 2013 10 16 - Trophy Manager




In this round, some goalkeepers played impressively like Luca Canalin of CasaleNinetySix (2550653) and Mokichi Aoki of MacabiBrazil (26800).

Especially Okayama (1776673)’s Sorai Taku did well.

He contributed one point for his team.


Sorai Taku - Trophy Manager





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