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J1 Round 27: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 27: October 13

Tekkaman FC 3-4 Okayama

A match between struggling teams.

There were many goals, and Okayama (1776673) won the seesaw game.

They made more chance with only 34% possession.


F.C Sylphides 0-4 逗子Blues


urawa reds 4-5 ashina

Both coaches seemed to have ordered to play slightly defensively, but players might not have understood the intention.

Five goals were scored during 20 minutes from the kickoff.

After that, on 38 minutes, Farid Fawwal found the net, then the score was 3-3 at the half time.

In the middle of the second half, both teams added one goal and it became 4-4.

The decider was Yoichi Uchidate‘s second goal on 85 minutes.

59,996 spectators of Urawa Komaba Stadium might have been satisfied with this exiting game, but keeper Nikko Miura who was able to save nothing in front of supporters can’t avoid criticism.


王子 FC 0-3 Osaka Celtic


CasaleNinetySix 0-9 広末涼子

広末涼子 (53346)’s offense which is made up of international players like Gulzar MannaaCharifi Saaliti and Kazutoshi Saito exploded.

To the contrary, home team CasaleNinetySix (2550653) were able to shoot only once.


Namba Osaka 2-2 涼子の院


MacabiBrazil 3-1 ReD FaLcOnS FC


Imnaba Club 0-4 RedSun



A draw against a top club, this is a positive result for KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS (1987252).

They played with stronger clubs well and sometimes got one point, but they couldn’t win against them.

Also they were sometimes defeated by relegation candidates.

Their position in the table doesn’t reflect their real strength and effort.

What they need to avoid relegation is to get three points from relatively easy opponents without fail.




Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - 2013 10 13 - Trophy Manager




Gulzar Mannaa scored four goals this round, and he assisted Charifi Saaliti‘s goal.

Charifi Saaliti also made impact, he recorded three goals and an assist, then was selected man of the match by league official.

Takiji Yamagishi of urawa reds (184788)’s two goals against ashina (1489015) might be more valuable, but he was not able to bring three points to his team.


Gulzar Mannaa - Trophy Manager





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