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J1 Round 23: J League Season 34


Trophy Manager

Overview of the league Round 23: October 4

王子 FC 2-5 広末涼子

Charifi Saaliti came back and 広末涼子 (53346) played offensively again.

However O FC played well unexpectedly and at the last moment they equalised veteran player Shingo Akita‘s goal on 86 minutes.

The game looked like a draw and the spectators expected 広末涼子 (53346) missed points again, but visitors scored three goals in the additional time then they earned three points.


Namba Osaka 0-3 ashina

It was a evenly‐matched game, but ashina (1489015) used scoring chances well, and home team couldn’t do it.

The difference was in part due to performance of both goalkeepers.


F.C Sylphides 1-3 ReD FaLcOnS FC


Imbaba Club 1-1 Okayama

Imbaba Club (1258527) dominated midfield and had many efforts, but both team had same number of shots on target.

A draw is a proper result.


Tekkaman FC 1-8 Tanuki FC

Away team bullied home team, but there was not such the difference with the number of shots.

Tekkaman FC (2103693)’s defenders and a defensive midfielder couldn’t contribute to the team and it was a difficult game for their keeper.

It is a problem that there was no goal from six free kicks as well.

As for players of Tanuki FC (2032412), offensive ones attracted attention of the spectators, but keeper Gabriel Sturzu‘s stable play also should mentioned.


RedSun 2-1 逗子Blues

It was a big match between top class teams.

THE SUN Played more efficiently.

Both teams had equal possession but THE SUN made more chances and most their efforts were shots on target.

逗子Blues (296683) would have to give up to aim at the runner-up.

They can’t reach Row League and it seems that they will play in RoW Cup in the next season again.


urawa reds 4-0 MacabiBrazil

It was an one‐sided game.

Away team had just two shots through the match and both were wide.


涼子の院 0-1 Osaka Celtic


KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS 5-3 CasaleNinetySix

The last few games, KAMOGAWA F.C. ORCAS (1987252)’s attackers were in good condition.

Thy made many goals every match.

On the other hand, there is no improvement in the defense.




Team of the Round

League - Team Of The Round - Jp - 1 - 1 - 2013 10 04 - Trophy Manager




Serafino Pradella who has just joined in Tanuki FC (2032412) recently proved that he is suitable for the new club by two goals and two assists in the debut match.

The Italian will becomes a partner of Keitaro Kakuta instead of João Rodrigues.


Serafino Pradella - Trophy Manager





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